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In a new Eberron campaign I'm starting soon, I've tightened the availability of dragonmarks slightly, by not allowing any aberrant dragonmarks and requiring every character with a dragonmark to be the correct race. One of my players, however, has asked if a character who used to be a human, e.g. a shade or revenant, could have a human dragonmark. Is this possible? Is it actually dealt with somewhere in the eberron guides or is it just my call?
Well, this character would likely have their Dragonmark remain, however, if you don't want them to take the feat, they might be incapable of using it properly on account of being undead. Keep in mind, if you choose to forgo the latter, the Emerald Claw might be interested in this character.

On another note, why might you be restricting Aberrant Marks? I ask out of curiosity because I so love using them, alongside House Tarkanan. Laughing
Yeah I think I'll let him have the dragonmark and the feat, it just threw me a bit when he asked! Tongue Out I'm restricting the dragonmarks because in my campaign, the dragonmarks are mysteriously vanishing... I didn't think it would make sense for a new dragonmark to appear so I restricted them all to try and convey the theme of the campaign.
Keep in mind that a major undead NPC in the setting no longer has access to its dragonmark powers as a result of its "passage." Of course, you can do things differently with PCs, but you should probably work out why these circumstances are different.

As an aside, increasing rather than decreasing aberrant dragonmarks could also be a possibility if you want to reflect a decrease in dragonmarks. "True dragonmarks" are degrading before they begin to disappear, etc.
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