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I'm fairly new to the scene. I started playing D&D a few months ago and I decided to make a Shardmind Psion telepathy focus. I'm just rather confused on how to equip him. I've done fine in all of the senarios we've run thus far, but our DM is holding an event this upcoming weekend for a melee style tournment which the reward will be any magical item of our choosing. The difficulty of the tournment will be determined by the item we choose. Now as I've said I really don't know much in the way of the items or what I should be carrying for my character. Any advice on the item or the Psion class would be most helpful.

 This question should be posted in Character Optimization. They'll need to know your class, level, and what items/feats you may altready have. Then they can suggest good items to ask for. Also, there should be a link to a Psion Handbook in that forum (assuming someone has written one) that will be full of good advice on which powers and items to take.

 In general, you should have a weapon and/or implement, armor and neck slot item of a level appropriate for your character (+1 for lvl 1-6, +2 for lvl 7-12, etc.)...


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