looking for a group in Springfield MO

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If anyone is interested email me at blesper@gmail.com, or we can chat here in this forum.

I've been gaming ever since Advanced dungeons and dragons, and I am very interested in participating in any active game, though I would prefer it to be 4e.

I am a male in my mid twenties who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, watching movies and other similar hobbies.
We currently have a group of three people gathered, but we would certainly like to have more.
Hello, I'm Michael. I am a 40m in Ozark. I hit you with a friend request and hopefully we can chat. I like any edition of d&d.
I've responded to your message, and look forward to hearing from you again.

If you are still looking or dont mind adding me and my husband are looking and definetly interested!!!

Hey I'm just looking to get into d&d, I've got the 5e starter set and I'd be interested in playing

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