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Recently catalogued my decks so I can better track where my cards are, and to, at a glance, decide what I need for each.

With that work done I thought I would use my decks to decide what the average deck looks like. I tallied up my 17 decks, came up short by 4 cards cuz I'm good at calculus but terrible with arithmetic ... and decided I was close enough.

So based on my "random sampling" of decks the average commander deck runs:
20 creatures
10 instants
11 sorceries
5 enchantments
2 planeswalkers
14 artifacts
37 lands...
and 1 Commander.

I do have some oddball decks that might be throwing the numbers around... animar runs 41 creatures, Karna runs 48 artifacts... but I think it evened out well.

How do everyone else's decks compare;to my numbers?


I can't tally the exact numbers specifically because a lot of my decks are slightly picked apart right now due to my making a cube. However I'd venture to say that my count is reasonably close to yours at the moment. My animar deck runs closer to 50 creatures, Momir runs 38 Creatures (when changed to edric, is 42 creatures), My Wort (R/G) deck runs closer to 42 instants and sorceries (mostly sorceries).

Bear with me at this point. I'm posting thia from work so I don't have access to my cards at the moment. I'll try to get my numbers to be more accurate in a bit.
I know most of my decks run 40 land. If you ignore the outliers I probably run around 30-40 creatures and 20-30 non creatures.

It really varies alot by deck though.
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