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If you are running the "Reclaiming  Blingdenstone" adventure and are using Dungeon Mapp, you can download a free version of the mapp from my website:

Dungeon Mapp is a mapping and combat solution for the iPad and Android tablets. There is a free version with some limited functionality for both versions as well. 

I've made the mapp so that it is viewable by players, the traps are not shown on the mapp and the secret rooms are concealed using the "Hide" feature. If you have any suggestions about the mapp, or the app, please let me know in the comments below.

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Hey can we get jpg of the DM map and Player map if we don't have use tablets so we can print them out? 
Hey can we get jpg of the DM map and Player map if we don't have use tablets so we can print them out? 

Yes, you can use the screen capture facility of the iPad and Android tablet to print out the mapps, but it won't show the hidden areas.
I ended up extracting the images from a PDF to PRC converter, which attempts to turn the PDF into a web page for conversion into an eBook. I really hate two things:

a) There is the one map right in the middle of the freakin' Blingdenstone document, so if I'm trying to print front & back I have to work around to NOT print the map and NOT screw up double-siding the document.

b) I only have an 8.5" x 11" printer, and under the theory if I *had* miniatures, they would not be to the scale presented in the maps. I can throw some token miniatures together, but if I'm going to bother, I'd really prefer the common 1" = 5' scale so I can use my clobbered together trash for other things while I work on replacing them with the common scale minis.

Unfortunately, while I *have* a Kindle Fire, and I *could* in theory use that to run Dungeon Mapp, I'm not clear on if or how I would go about printing the maps out in a sane format, and the pocket size Kindle screen is really tiny for this sort of thing. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to put together a sane hard-copy to 1" = 5" scale, I would be very greatful. Yes, I can do a screen cap, except I can't do that on Kindle Fire until I get around to rooting it. It's my wife's purchase, she likes it. The thing drives me crazy with promise of things I find it can't do.

If someone knows if The Powers That Be at WotC would consider a sane way of releasing their next package of maps to print on 8.5" x 11" on multiple sheets to make a poster size, I'd really like to hear it. Or at least steer WotC in that direction. I don't even really care if the map looks cheap and it's useless for anything else other than the 5e play test. I just need a sane way to use the provided maps without having to spend time trying to clobber one together trying to scale it up using GIMP and then try to keep the sheets straight.

Anyway, thanks for this work, and hopefully we can get a better way of using WotC's playtest maps.
So the Kindle Fire does not really work very with Dungeon Mapp, as it only supports 2 finger touches at any one time, so things like the dice roller definitely do not work. I would exclude the Fire from the list of supported devices, but there seems to be no way to do this (unlike every other android platform, which you can search for an exclude if your app does not support it, the fire does not appear in this list). 

My app does support 1" squares, you just zoom into the maximum zoom level and it will bounce to 1". What would happen if you tried to screenshot and print this out I'm not too sure about. However, I'm not sure what you mean by 1"=5" scale, I don't have any function in the app that can do that.

At any rate, I've found D&D Next works much better as a theatre of the mind type game than a battlemap, and I've tailored the playtest mapp with that goal in mind. If you are willing to try the totm type route then putting the app in the middle of the group and having them scroll around and describe thier actions works really well. With the room descriptions built into the app then players can refer to the descriptions any time they like and it seems to work well. Secret rooms are hidden from the players and can be unveiled if they search in the right areas.
Yeah, I found Kindle Fire breaks on Dungeon Mapp, so I've pretty well left DnD Next maps alone for the time being. The source map with the packet is one inch = ten ft instead of the one inch = five ft, as I expected given my two 3.5 games. In the time since I originally posted, I now understand 5e is geared towards TotM.

I also found out my wife has a "once a month" limit on D&D stuff. She's interested, just not that into it. So I really have to rethink my strategy for 5e playtesting. Thank you for your response, though. I have to sort things out and decide how to move forward so I can actually contribute with 5e testing. 
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