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Ok so I'm running B/W exalted and this is what I'm running so far so if anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated so here we go
1-sorin lord of innistrad
1-sorin markov
2-faiths reward
2-day of judgement
2-sublime archangel
2-child of night
2-dark favor
2-cathedral of war
3-oblivion ring
4-duty bound dead
4-knight of infamy
4-knight of glory
4-aven squire
4-isolated chapel
4-vampire nighthawk
Drop both sorin's for 2 more archangels.
If you post this over at the casual forum you'll get a lot more help than here.
It's always a good idea to let us know your budget.

And please list the card's like this;
[c*]Plains[/c*], without the *'s, becomes Plains
As some people may be reluctant to try to understand how your deck works otherwise.

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis in place of one of the duty bound dead. 
Two Ring of Kalonia just for the trample ability. Two Ring of Xathrid for the regeneration. Or an mn, Akroma's Memorial or two to replace the Ring of Kalonia, depending on how deep your pockets are.
Thank you for the input but I have decided to forgo the exalted completely and go with something else but I will keep in mind what you have all said for future reference.
You might want to consider using Gideon Jura and the new M13 trample ring. I run that exalted. His 0 ability is amazing when swinging exalted. I would go with Gideon over Sorin Markov for the fact he is one less mana and could be your damage dealer. Just in case you decide you want to roll with it again.
Sorin 1.0 is horribad. Replace.
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You're going to want to run more than 20 lands. Drop both Sorin's for land. Day of Judgment sort of runs counter to how exalted works. I wouldn't run that.
I would highly suggest Angelic Benediction and would also suggest consideration of Tormented soul . The Angelic Benediction really helps to hit hard and also tap their tough defender, forcing them to sacrifice a creature or take the huge hit. Also, with multiple benedictions out you can tap more than one creature. The tormented soul is a little bit less of a suggestion than the angelic benediction because its just a basic unblockable, but with the exalted boosts it can hit hard without them blocking. Also Builder's blessing , just for the simple fact that most exalted creatures have a small toughness when theyre not attacking, so this makes them a bit more beefy for defense. Hope this helps!
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