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Hi guys,

   I'll start a new campain, and I want play with a very, very, very survival class.

   The group is: me (a Dwarf), my friend Ranger (Human/Archer) and the DM. Cry

   What do you think that is more survival? And why?

Fighter (Battlerager)
or a Hybrid with 2 of this class?

Warden gets the most HPs/level (17+Con start, 7/level afterward, IIRC).  If you want damage, the fighter's probably better, tho.
Earthstrength Warden, Str/Con. The boost to your AC when you use your second wind is insane.
Thanks guys,

     but a Warden can have high CA, Fort, Refl and Will ?
High Fort on a warden is relatively easy. Strength primary, class bonus. But if you go STR/CON, Reflex and Will could require a bit of investment. Not that you shouldn't be putting effort into boosting NADs as a defender anyways.
You can end up with a 16 in Wis on a Dwarf as a Wildblood Warden. Take Auspicious Birth and your HP is identical to an ES Warden. You get less surges, but your Will doesn't suck. The bonus is the extra con from the racial allows you to qualify for Hide Armor Spec/Second Skin, semi-negating the not 18 Wis. But you also get SW as a minor, Dwarf Warden racial support, etc., all of which are pretty valuable.
Dwarven Battlemind can start with 20 Con. Best HS value and number.
You're getting good charop advice, but here is some (I realize unsolicited) non-charop advice...

In a two player game, is survival really the biggest concern? There are a lot of other weakness that can affect the campaign more than hit points and healing surges. Providing appropriate challenges is the DM's job, I wouldn't worry about that. I'd probably just play a tiefling or gnome cunning bard or something in those veins. Your archer ranger buddy covers dex and wis, you would be able to cover charisma and intelligence, which is a broad set of skills. You would have some healing, negotiation skills and ability to talk yourself out of sticky situations. Pick a stealth background/theme/item and you could both be somewhat stealthy. I think a bard with aspirations of great performance and fame would be much more survivable than a dwarf warden who lives to be a punching bag, if survivability is what you're looking for.
Dwarf Fighter could go 1 handed with scale and shield and Battle Rager.
Dwarf Fighter|Cleric to act as a Defender / Leader and take the Battle Cleric Lore option.
I've never seen a build and don't know if it would work out well but a Dwarf Wildblood Warden|BCL Cleric Hybrid(?).

-OR- perhaps you could go with a party face secondary leader Tiefling or Half-Elf Chaladin. A durable defender who will cover your negotiating and could minor in healing.

edit: another great option would be to create a "companion" leader. Perhaps a pacifist cleric/diplomat that you and your buddy could control during those social encounters and be the party healer during combat encounters. This way you partner can concentrate on striking and you could concentrate on your defending.
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