Official D&D Errata & Rules Updates August 2012 Errata

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Official D&D Errata & Rules Updates 
August 2012 Errata

by D&D QA

From time to time, Wizards of the Coast publishes errata and minor updates to Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks.

Talk about this errata here.
    What is there to discuss?  Now 4e corrections are hardly likely to be high priority when they are working on 5e, but there is barely enough here to challenge a claim they are doing nothing at all.
Didn't noticed the errata now 1 minute rituals can be casted in one round once per day (1/10 of a minute it's 6 seconds, a round duration)...i don't know if it's better or not than the pre-errata benefit from sorcere adept
Thanks for posting this Plague, this one flew under the radar.
You're welcome mboss77
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