Players & DM's in the San Marcos, TX area wanted!

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I'm currently seeking gamers in the San Marcos, area. I'm looking for 2 more players for an AD&D 2nd edition game. The DM will be running a modified Forgotten Realms campaign. The game will be on Thursday evenings.  Expreience with AD&D is not a necessity for consideration.

As well, I'm starting a local community called RPG San Marcos, to help find and bring together gamers in the San Marcos and surrounding areas. If you live in the area, please contact me for more information and the forum address! 
I'm down for some mtg in san marcos if you're into that!
I'd be down except that I don't have any cards anymore, and cant' really afford to get a new deck together at the moment. I haven't played in a few years
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