Warlocks: Thoughts and a Homebrew Pact

I've seen some negative criticism about the inclusion of warlock and sorceror, but from what I've read of them so far, they are an interesting addition to the game. Some have thought of them as a way for character story to be 'railroaded', but I think they actually can contribute meaningfully to the story of a character, rather than being its focus. You just gotta work with your DM!

Anyways, I'm still working on getting a couple people to play a warlock AND sorceror in my gaming group, but until then, I have a dwarven fighter who is considering crossclassing into warlock (By the way, crossclassing is something else I'm toying with, but that's still in the works, after all it's one of the most complicated issues in the game). Well, the currect pact isn't quite the flavor that I'm looking for (no Old Fae-like creatures or lore quite yet) and as the group has run into a creature who's a little nefarious and devil-like, I've decided to make a custom pact that this NPC can delve out. Tell me what you think!

"Vic" is the NPC's nick name, as the PC's have not learned his real name yet.

Hell Pact: “Vic”

 “Vic” is vainglorious, prideful, and enjoys having control of any situation he is in. As one becomes more and more a supplicant to beseech for his power, he indelibly marks you as his own, an ally to him as well as his property.

 Pact Boons

 1st Level: Tempered In Hellfire

 If you spend one of your patron’s favors, you can gain resistance in one of the following energy types: Fire, Unholy, Ice, or Acid. This lasts until used again, or until you beseech “Vic” for more favors (during a short or long rest).

As you gain this boon, your right hand has sigils painfully inscribed upon it (as if hot coals were used to burn them in your flesh), which look similar to the ones scribed on “Vic’s” hand. When this boon is in use, the sigils flare up, and glow through almost any fabric made, making it nearly impossible to hide.

 3rd  Level: Bow to Majesty

 As an always active effect, you gain advantage on all Charisma-based checks against evil creatures. Also, all rolls used to intimidate any creatures (evil or not) can use your Charisma modifier or 3 + any training you may have.

As you gain this boon, malevolent creatures seem to always notice you and will seek you and your party out in some form or fashion (for good or ill), making it very difficult to blend in when such creatures are around. Additionally, you exude an aura of evil that can be detected by spellcasters able to see such things, even if your alignment is not evil. Finally, you are completely unable to ignore "Vic" when he is in your presence.

 5th level: Sword of the Prince

 As an action, you can create an eldritch weapon of crackling green energy, which pulse with the same sigils that were burned in your hand. It may be any weapon you are proficient with. If it is a ranged weapon, you summon a quiver of 20 eldritch arrows or bolts along with it. An eldritch weapon lasts until you lose grip of it, or until you summon another weapon. Ammunition disappears after it makes contact with an enemy or if it stops moving in any way. All damage dealt by eldritch weapons is force damage as well as the weapon type damage: piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing, and is the typical damage dice of a weapon of its type.

Additionally, you may spend a patron’s favor to cause the weapon to pulse and writhe, as if contained with a great amount of power. Whenever the weapon next deals damage, you may roll damage as if the target was hit with both the weapon and an Eldritch Blast.

As you gain this boon, your left hand too is burned with the same sigils as your right. Both hands now shine when either this boon or the Tempered in Hellfire boon are active. You also have grown distasteful of using weapons other than your eldritch weapon, and are fain to use them or even carry them on you unless there is no other choice. Finally, when in the presence of “Vic”, you instinctually lower your head in deference.


Most of the critism that I have heard about Sorceror and Warlocks is that they are not traditional. Which I consider a good thing. We have seen many Old School elements, where is New Stuff. This is new cool stuff.

Far from railroading the character story, the Bloodlines and Patrons of Sorcerors and Warlocks have been a great tool for characters to write the story. It has been the biggest inspiration of new characters, ideas and backstory that D&D Next has had. I have worked with over a dozen players to make unique Bloodlines and Patrons - that really let player get the character that they want.

I like the Hell Pact Patron. It looks balanced and good ... well, evil . There is a Diabolic Pact Necromancer Warlock in one of our groups. He really focused on manipulation and twisting minds more than fire and weapons. But, this shows how easy it is to customize a Warlock. WOTC has to make a Hellish Pact Warlock pact eventually - what, I am saying, they undoubtly have already made it but thought that opening with the Devil might be a bit over the top .
Really like this, just started searching around for some homebrew stuff and this is fun =)

I've had an issue feeling that the warlock felt a bit pidgeon-holed for combat since eldrich blast was so much better than his other options.  With that said, your third pact bonus makes for an interesting way to change things up.  Much approved =) 
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I have to be honest, when I see most people saying they have "a problem with sorcerers and warlocks," what they mean is they have a problem with sorcerers and warlocks came out at the same time.

Almost everyone I have talked to who enjoys the warlock concept enjoys the warlock from the playtest. It's a cool balance between the 3e and 4e warlock. The only complaint I've heard is that Eldritch Blast does too much damage, and some people don't like that Fey Pact slowly makes you uglier (I love this part).

The sorcerer is another matter. I haven't heard anyone who says, "The sorcerer is awful." They just say, "the sorcerer is my favorite class from past editions, and I feel like it's still not in the game." Honestly, while it may take some getting used to, I like the sorcerer using willpower to cast his spells, and then getting a benefit when he runs out, it's just the heavy armor and weapons bit I don't like.

I'd rather see the sorcerer's change when he uses up his up his willpower to affect his at-will spells. Maybe different bloodlines give you different at-wills, and they power up as you spend more and more willpower.
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