Teaching Dungeons and Dragons to a Beautiful Girl

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Hail and well met fellow gamers.

I've put together a 6 part (and growing) series in which I teach a total noob, a totally stunning noob, all the ins and outs of tabletop gaming using the Pathfinder system.  From basic stats and features, to spells, to an actual roleplaying session all major aspects of building a character are covered here. 

Additionally on the channel you will find rules discussion, live gaming sessions and many other gaming related topics.  I'd love to hear your feedback and have you contribute to the conversation we have going about all the wondrous aspects of our hobby.

Pathfinder Basics
Monday Night Gaming (Live Sessions)
Is It Legit?! (Rules Discussion)

Many thanks for your time and happy gaming!

Sounds awesome, I'm interested in what type of characters they are playing. ^.^
  Is it harder to teach 'us' ugly people?

I dream of Beer Head Armies.

Autocard is our friend. [c‍]Urborg Mindsucker[/‍c] → Urborg Mindsucker

I didn't know posting links to videos was disallowed here.  I can stop that if it is against policy.  You'll note that I'm "advertising" material 100% relevant to the forum here.  If I was posting Skyrim videos or Call of Duty or my latest song cover, then yes, that might not fit here.  But as the channel and the videos are specifically about Dungeons and Dragons and, this being a Dungeons and Dragons forum, I thought it fitting to share the material here and seek out further support and thoughts about the content.

As to the beautiful girl she is in all the Pathfinder Basics videos.

Thank you TheOneWhoCallCrow, you've gotten my purpose exactly.  I've created this series of videos to help people new to the hobby better understand it and feel more comfortable when they play.  I post videos on forums like these, full of pros, to get further tips and insights to better help spread our hobby.

And, Warghoul, her being beautiful doesn't imply that everyone else is ugly.  You could also be beautiful, and, for me and thankfully most in this hobby, a person's looks don't matter when it comes to sitting around a table rolling dice together.  I suppose my mentioning of it is a bit of self-promotion.  She's my girlfriend and I wanted to brag a little for that.  Apologies if anyone found that offensive.

I'm glad you shared your videos. I watched the first one, and it definitely helped me out a lot. I'm a complete noob, but I've been getting the hanging of things. Many thanks. Smile
Introducing new players to the game is not bad. Now making DMs, that even harder. ^.^
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ORC to the rescue.  

Watch the second video. Not bad.

Makes me wonder if the PC saved the village? 
Well, its odd the vanity is a subject at all here. Consider, when the pretty girl picks up her character sheet she becomes someone else for a time. For me thats part of the appeal of D&D games, for a time we are all playing someone (or something) else. When I pick up "Itchy the Goblin", I'm not my "handsome" self, I am a smelly, grimmy, strange little man, who hates reading, and claims to be smarter then the wizard. It's all part of the game!

My best advice for teaching, is to get your players to smile. If your players are smiling, laughing, having fun (in game), they will be more receptive to the game. You Psych majors will recognize this as Positive Renforcement, with "laughing and having fun" being the reinforcer for "learning and playing the game". You are also going to need to cover all aspects of play, skills, items, combat, and playing a character ect. 

An example to look over, punch "Robot Chicken writers play D&D" into youtube. Its Chris Perkins and the writers from Robot Chicken playing D&D. Some of the players are new to the system, and some are new to role play in general. It is 25 parts long. Wish they would bring all the parts together into one movie.
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