human soldier angel deck any tips?

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20x Plains

2x Odric Master Tactician
4x Crusader of Odric
2x Bennalish Commander
2x Captain of the Watch
2x Rider of Gavony
3x Blinding Mage
4x Knight OF Dawn
1x Angels of glory rise
3x White Knight
3x Intrepid Hero

3x Oblivion Ring
1x Pariah
4x Armored Ascencion
2x Brave the Elements
2x Emerge Unscathed
2x Cathars Crusade

any addition or something to remover form my list?
be more helpful if you auto card.

[c?]Oblivion Ring[/c?] = Oblivion Ring without the ?

for decks its
>deck here<
again without the ? 
>reminder to self< Best not to argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience
I suppose it's enough only for casual play, your deck is pretty slow, you have too many high cost creatures, but no way to play them quick enough.

Cathas crusade costs too much mana, and you only have very very limited ability to generate tokens, replace with honor of the pure.

 Also your angel card, is never going to see the light of day, 7 mana, and only 1/60 (am assuming your deck is 60) chance to draw.
Crusade and Glorious Anthem would be great in this deck. Overall, you have to make it faster if you only want to run 20 land. I personally don't like Odric, Master Tactician. Emacipation Angel is a much better and faster angel. Hero of Bladehold is a beast. Lastly, Kithkin Rabble would be a great finisher.
thanks for the tips I appreciate it. going to work for honor of the pure and hero of bladehold.
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