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We're starting our new game very soon and the current makeup of the group is as follows:

Human Shielding Swordmage (myself)
Half-orc Paladin
Eladrin Bladesinger
Elf Executioner (ninja)
An undetermined leader (possibly Runepriest or Warlord)

I'm somewhat concerned about the offensive capabilities of the group, since we have two defenders and the only dedicated striker (the executioner) is a build not generally known for high DPR or nova. I'm considering switching classes to a striker, though I'm particularly fond of the concept I've created for my Swordmage.

Wanted to see if people had experience with this sort of group, and if we were at any sort of disadvantage. Also if they thought the dynamic of Swordmage/Paladin defending would work together. If it makes any difference I'm fairly knowledgable about the game and am more on the character optimization side, but the Paladin's player is rather new to 4e.

 Just keep in mind that a creature can only have one mark on them at a time, and a new mark superceeds the old one. Make sure that your two defenders aren't marking the same creatures.

 Also, a bladesinger is actually more of a secondary striker/secondary contoller than a primary controller, even if it says "controller" on the packaging. The bladespells, bladesong and arcane strike are a striker's damage mechanic, pure and simple.
So you've got two defenders and one-and-a-half strikers, really.


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swordmages are nice, paladins have excellent punishment and mass marking to make sure they get to enforce said punishment, a runepriest or warlord will do just fine.  The paladin can grab an mba at-will power to help with granted melee basic attacks from the warlord for example.

Now for the two others.  Bladesingers are meh.  The above explained it.

Executioners are not horrible.  They are in the bottom of the ladder when it comes to strikers but they can be made quite decent.  I think the usual recommendation is to hybrid, but a straight executioner could be good.  I have a build that I've been playing with lately in a campaign that uses an avenger | executioner hybrid with a focus on poison.  You pick up the at-will Overwhelming Strike from the avenger list + the feat power of skill to get an at-will MBA.  From that you can use oath of enmity to roll twice on all attacks when using that at-will, so all MBA's (including those given by the warlord for example).  The executioner gives you access to poisons and feats related to poisons but also the ability to add 1d8 damage to your overwhelming strike.  With your executioner tradition you pick up your two at-wills which consist of Poisoned shiruken and the charge at-will with a name that escapes me as I'm writing this.  Both are solid and can be used when the situation calls for it.  From there go towards picking up the poison related feats to make you ignore all poison resistance and immunity and gain a bonus to poison damage rolls.  Stack on damage and turn all damage you do to poison either via a weapon, ki focus OR a drow theme that came out recently.  In paragon pick up painful oath to add your wisdom modifer in extra radiant and necrotic damage.  Attributes 18/18 WIS/DEX.  Use a short sword.  LOTS of fun.

Edit:  Oh forgot to mention to add a little nova in that build pick up the avenger minor action encounter attack power at level 3.
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I strongly recommend that you treat the roles listed for each class as suggestions, not absolute rules. Yes there are a few classes that are more tightly focused on certain roles than others, and certainly some classes are really really bad at some roles, but almost every class can serve well in more than one role.

In particular, from my own experience, both the Swordmage and the possible Warlord can be decent strikers.

With the right party you can build a ranged Warlord who is an *excellent* striker. His TWO extra-damage mechanics are "and this other guy gets an MBA/charge against that enemy too", and "anybody else who attacks that guy is +X attack and/or damage". These can be in place simultaneously, and can be used multiple times per turn let alone per round. (He really benefits from having two or even three allies with high average damage per MBA.)

The Swordmage? He doesn't get an extra-damage mechanic or improved accuracy; instead he gets to the enemy's back row where the squishier but seriously dangerous targets - controllers and artillery - are.

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Probably not.
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