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I'm new to DM'ing and was wondering what a good reward for a level 5 party of 5 characters would be good. I don't want just gold or anything, and I'm not sure about the magic items.

Can anyone help? 
Gold funds magic item acquasition, so it's never a bad idea (if not a little overdone). If your PCs have an idea of what kind of items they want, they could make you a wish list to use to drop in items for them every now and again. Alternate rewards are always a good option when a normal item fails, and story perks for story heavy campaigns are often worth their own weight in gold. Consider what the style of game your players enjoy and what sort of loot they'd love to get their hands on, then go from there.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Magic items tend to be very specific in usefulness, so if you drop one that they don't want, they'll want to sell it or trade it in.
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