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Ok, so, as we all know by now, not all damage types have been created equally. With the continual boosting and re-nerfing of Fire, Necrotics near uselessness through over resistance and lack of support, and Poisons almost exclusivity to Assassins and Assassin multiclassers for good output, there are some options for character potential that a player will either avoid like the plague, or pass up in lieu of better options. To this, I've tried to come up with a generally minor way to balance the field of the elemental shuffle a bit more, and encourage the use of those underplayed damage types.

Elemental Protection, meant to replace elemental resistances for the most part in lower tiers of play, acts like a blanket of temp HP that is only deducted when a creature with protection is hit with the type of element they have protection against. In this, it's simple enough to use. But before I apply it to my game, I wanted to get some general criticism on the idea, and thoughts as to whether or not I should apply this across the board, or just to the monsters, and leave Players with the standard Resist/Immune/Vulnerable tree.

Thanks in advance folks
Better, but you'd need to change... I think just Surging Flame and Burn Everything, really.
Well, switching up a few feat shouldn't be hard, so no biggy there. I'm just wondering if recasting player resistances (from such things as race) would be a good idea, or if this is a change I should leave to the monsters instead.
If you're going to do it at all, do it all the way through.
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