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So I'm playing a male mul slave who is a knight in encounters. Currently I intend him to be a "yes man". Always doing what the members of House Melarn desire. But I can't decide about his future desires. Does he yearn for freedom? Does he only wish to serve? Does he desire to become a Champion of the House Melarn? Or does he want to become a head servant?

Can someone help me out here. Btw this is for D&D Encounters, my DM house ruled Muls were allowed as the drow society is heavily slave based.

I think a little background on the current lore/story/goal of the current encounter season would be helpful.
What made him a "yes man" in the first place? Was he repeatedly beaten into submission and finally break? Is he serving with the intent of helping friends, sort of a "taking the blame" situation or something similar. Or was he raised as such from such a young age that he doesn't know any other way to live? Answering what made him this "yes man" he is today will help you define what sort of man he wishes to be tomorrow, and might give you a greater goal for the campaign over all.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
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