Packet: Page Numbering REQUIRED

Page numbering... it is not a 'nice to have', it is 'required'. Please confirm stuff like, "D&D Test: How to Play" has page numbers on it. I'm attempting to print double-sided on a single-side printer, and it would be far easier to look up page numbers on lengthy documents as opposed to 'print & pray' then double-check page-by-page to see what did not work out as intended.
Oh yeah! The Adventure Guide? Sticking an out-sized map page right in the middle of the document? Horrible plan.

Better plan... strip 'maps' out of the document and allow me to print the text pages like I've been doing everything ELSE, double-sided so I don't have to dink around with printing to print 'around' the map in the middle of the document. By the gods! Who thought sticking that map right in the middle was a good plan?

Even better, make *TWO* versions of the maps as separate documents: 1) We shall assume you have a printer that can automatically print our maps on 17 x 22 paper on a whim, and 2) We shall assume you have a cheapo printer and 8.5 x 11 is the best you'll ever get, but you want the map printed in 'poster sections' so you can actually... you know... try out encounters. 

The maps you have are fine. I don't think I need (and I *DO NOT WANT*) huge freakin' maps to burn through my colored ink stockpile. What you have in the document is fine. The *format* you have the maps in is horrible beyond belief.

On the next release, please break out the maps and consider having them in both the "You are GOD and can afford to print on 17 x 22" and "You are CHEAP but still want to print the maps to scale on 8.5 x 11." You want me to playtest. Please make it easy for me to playtest. Please don't make me jump through these kinds of hoops to make this thing work. That's ten tons of crazy and totally unnecessary with a little planning.

Bonus: "Ugly" mineratures. They don't have to be particularly pretty, you could do some mock-up art of yours so it's professional, but make it greyscale and pixelated, but just enough for me to tell an elf from a goblin and a horse from a ogre. Make it to print on bristol paper (though plain paper may do as well) print on standard paper and I can just go. This would make it easier for me to try out encounters with NOTHING but what is in the packet if I need to. And it would beat having to use pennies, nickels and quarters with "Elf, Human, Ogre" taped on them. I'm not asking for heavy money investment, just the tools I would need presuming I have nothing but your packet and my printer. I'm a n00b, what can I say? But I've not yet had time to invest in $500 worth of miniatures yet.

So if you'd like a n00b's opinion, get that outsize freakin' map out of the middle of the gods be damned text document, and please consider cheap-o paper miniatures.
Oh yeah... MINI miniatures if "One square = 10 feet", or make the standard maps fit standard 1 inch = 5 ft. If you've changed the standards to make everyone buy new miniatures, that's going to be a big ball of suck and I can't see ANYONE flushing down their miniature investment. So yeah, standard maps at standard scale so we can use miniatures we have on hand if we do, ones we can print if we don't. Who cooked this up? Did they actually try printing up and using this campaign? Did they try printing it all out on a standard sheet one-sided printer? Who cooked this up? Did they actually play test using the materials provided? Did they use thumbtacks instead of their own normal scale miniatures? I'm a n00b, I'm sure I'm missing something, I just don't get it!
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