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I got switched to driving truck overnights, so no time to play but lots of time to think. It's still piecemeal since I can't write stuff down while behind the wheel and I'm not sure if it's been done somewhere else before. Here it is anyway:

Max HD = starting HP, Con+mod = Stamina. Seeing as AC is supposed to be an abstract idea representing not just armor but the ability to dodge, block, absorb and HP is an abstract representing the ability to fight,  I feel that even a missed attack would be doing something to a character regardless of the roll. Exception, Critical Miss is a true flub and no impact on the defender. PC characters cannot (edit fall below 1 HP unless Stamina has been depleted. NPC do not gain this trait unless they have 2 or more HD. If an attack misses do half damage to Stamina only, on a hit can divide full damage at will between HP and Stamina. On a Crit, full damage to both. At level up add min HD to HP total and max HD to Stamina. If Stamina is at 0 but at least 1 HP remains, either/and/or disadvantage on attacks, grant advantage during defense. Can use your action to gain Second Wind once per encounter, restoring half max Stamina.  ooo Just thought, on a Crit Miss do half damage to your own Stamina...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Haven't crunched anything and can't playtest since I'm on the road when everyone else is having fun, but please feel free to punch holes or add/subract ideas for this since I'd like to make it workable. Also, please fell free to use it if it interests you.

EDITED for clarity 
Wow, no bites at all. No one loves it no hates it, which on these forums equates to it BEING THE PERFECT IDEA. 100% awesome on the first try. One other thing that I thought about but forgot to mention. This secondary "Health and Wellness" stat can help allow the warlord or other combat leader types have a way to heal that isn't totally outlandish when it comes to fluff. Perhaps a feat that allows a commander to grant Stam when a PC hits 0 HP, thus allowing the character to fight to the death. OOO specialty feat level 1, while the commander is present allies must be reduced to 0 HP and 0 Stamina before death and dying (can work on any being that considers commander non hostile?). Specialty feat level 3, Once per (round/encounter/day?) if a commander's ally falls to 0 HP and 0 Stam, the commander can take an action to grant that ally (% Stam/HD Stam/flat Stam?) 
Well I think the reason there aren't any bites is the incredibly varied view people have of hit points.

The described view from the packet: Hit points are all luck and whatevers for the first half of your hp, after that its bruises, scrapes and whatnot, then its telling blows that lay you flat.

The view many have: Hit points are wounds, needing magical light to heal

The system you've suggested complicates a subject I don't feel necessary.  I like a barebones system allowing freedom to do and describe as I feel appropriate.  The abstractness of the packet description fits that well for me.  There are a number of threads on here about a dual-hit point system similar to what you're describing.  I'd have a look at those (search for HP on the forum pages) and message the OPs of those threads.  You'd probably come up with a good system between you all- I just don't see it making my game easier to run, or easier for my players to keep track of than the current system, nor a large enough benefit to be worth complicating the current system.

Hit those two points and you'd be golden, I think. 
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