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I just got done buying the three new players handbooks, and was wondering what then next book I need would be. I am looking for a book that goes a little more in depth with the area around the Marching Mountains, Spires of Mir, and Almraiven after the spellplauge. Like what kind of creatures now roam the Spires, and a more physical description of Almraiven or its lay out.

And I do appologize if this isnt the right place for this. 
You might try the forgotten realms cmpaign guide. If nothing else it comes with a poster.
The 4e Forgotten Realms books are the FR campaign setting, the Player's Guide, and Neverwinter campaign setting. There are also multiple articles in the magazines.
I just bought a FR campaign setting but I don't believe it is the 4e I will have to look and see then find the others thank you I will look through and for these and hope that it is what I need. 
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