R/B goblin Kamikaze?

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Right now I have a Naya Pod deck but over half of it is going away come october so I'm trying to cook up a different deck idea.  The whole idea here is to stay away from Mirrodin block as I will be playing Naya Pod until then.

Land 24

Dragonskull Summit x4
Cavern of Souls x4
Hellion Crucible x1
Swamp x4
Mountain x10

Creatures 22

Goblin Arsonist x4
Blood Artist x4
Arms Dealer x4
Goblin Battle Jester x4
Krenko, Mob Boss x4
Falkenrath Noble x2

Enchantments, Instants, and Sorceries 14

Killing Wave x4
Krenko's Command x4
Magmaquake x4
Thunderous Wrath x2

Sideboard 15

Smelt x3
Increasing Vengeance x3
Pillar of Flame x3
Falkenrath Noble x1
Burn at the Stake x2
Harvest Pyre x3

I also considered Burn at the Stake as Bonfire of the Damned is just unrealistically expensive.  I like Falkenrath Noble but I think his curve is a tad high and would throw my mana base off.  I think this would be a nice post-october deck that I'm sure Ravnica will only improve (hopefully).  Thoughts?
-NW "Behold blessed perfection!" --Sheoldred, Whispering One
blood artist
This makes the whole "kamikaze" thing much more effective. 
blood artist
This makes the whole "kamikaze" thing much more effective. 

It's in the deck list.

-NW "Behold blessed perfection!" --Sheoldred, Whispering One
Well now I feel stupid.
I think i need a nap or something.

I would cut fling as the rest of your deck is good enough at direct damage, plus your guys aren't very big anyway, making it not that worth it when you have so many other ways to kill your dudes. 
i think torch fiend may be better than smelt since you can benefit from creatures dying
i read ur original ost, but despite what u said about trying to not investing into scars cards, i think u might want to, just to win some FNM and obtain more packs, tradables, high value stuff.

here's something similar that I built a while ago that's VERY fast and effective.
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