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I get the feeling this may have been asked many times before, so I apologies up front for my awful search-fu ;)

I have a character in my group that is a Storm Domain War Priest.  As a class feature he gets proficiency in Holy Symbols, but as far as I can tell he gets no powers that can actually use them.  Is that right?  If the War Priest picks up a Symbol of Battle can he do anything with it?

Searching this forum I find lots of comments about "Weaponliments" but that just confuses me more.  What are they?  Are they special magic items, or something else?  Would they benefit my group's War Priest?

What would a Storm Domain War Priest do to make the most use of Holy Symbols?


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You can use a holy symbol for any power that has the implement keyword.  You do not need a holy symbol to use that power.

Weapliment = a weapon that your class can use as an implement.  Most common are daggers and staves for wizards and sorcerers.  Swordmages get all light and heavy blades as implements.  Some heavy blades have properties that allow classes to use as an implement such as a holy avenger weapon.  Weapon of evil undone can be used as an implement.
Since most Storm Warpriest Powers are Weapon Powers, it won't be much of use for him unless he choose Cleric Daily Powers with the Implement keyword but that may not be the best thing to do if his Wisdom is not high enough.
If he's playing a Warpriest whose wisdom is not high enough, he has larger issues than daily power selection.
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There are several weapons that also count as holy symbols such as the unforgettable cudgel, which is mace that you can use as an implement if you are proficient with holy symbols.

Warpriests can pick any cleric daily attack power.  Most of the better cleric daily attack powers are implement powers, but you can get by without a holy symbol as a warpriest if you pick your powers wisely.  Several of the daily implement powers like moment of glory, blade barrier, and tree of creation are good choices even if you don't have an implement.

You can also get attack powers from a theme, paragon path, half elf dilletante or multiclass feat that require an implement and you can use your holy symbol for those as well.  Some warpriests will power swap for an implement power through the feat Novice Power or take the feat reserve manuever to get access to a cleric implement encounter power.

Also for death domain warpriests all of their default at will and encounter powers are implement powers.

There is a guide to warpriests and a guide to weapliments in my signature.
First, your domain (storm) doesn't matter.  As a warpriest, your implements are holy symbols.  He gets that by virtue of being a warpriest, not the storm domain.

To make the most use of a holy symbol, your warpriest needs to have powers with the implement keyword.  At level 1 none of your pre-determined powers (i.e. blessing of wrath power) have the implement keyword.  However, you can choose a daily power, and you get to choose this power from any cleric daily power.  Let's say you take the levle 1 cleric daily power cascade of might.  Notice that it has the implement keyword in addition to the divine and radiant keywords.  So if you had a +1 symbol of battle, your attacks would be Wisdom vs. Will +1 and you would do 3d8 + 1 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.  If you scored a critical hit, then your damage would then be 25 + 1d8 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage as the symbol of battle's critical is +1d8/plus.  In addition, as a free action (once per day), the warpriest could add + 1d10 damage to an (implement) attack that hit--it's the symbol of battle's daily power. (Note that a holy symbol's properties do not count with weapon attacks.)

So in summary, holy symbols only help your warpriest if he chooses implement powers.  A warpriest can only choose daily powers to begin with, as his encounter powers are pre-determined, thus if he doesn't take implement powers, it's pretty worthless.
Thank you all for your succinct replies, all very helpful.  I now consider myself informed ;)
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