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I need some help coming up with a 4 to 6 man group (level 1) for a new 4e campaign (forgotten realms). I'd like to get some help building out a balanced group for some new players. I don't want to use the pre-gen characters that come with the campaign so I thought I'd ask for help here.

Sticky, top of the forum, lists dozens of builds.

Party-op thread

Half orc weapon talent Fighter, Dragonborn Inspiring Warlord, Elf Bow Ranger, Human Wizard for your first four.  Add Halfling artful dodger Rogue and then Dwarf ranged Cleric after that if you get more players.  That can cover all your skills and roles, gives you a wide variety of races, gives you melee and ranged, and gives you ritual casting.

And none of those are particularly complicated for new players.
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