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Hey Everyone,
ASUS is holding a giveaway for some free computers and tablets for small businesses who can show a real need. An FLGS in my town is trying to win them to upgrade their gaming network and Point of Sale system. The place does card games, hosts LAN tourneys and has 2 large rooms dedicated to table top RPGs like D&D, C&C, Fiasco, Pathfinder and even miniatures battles like Warmachine etc. They're a super great store and have been very receptive to my efforts to run 4E games there with table space any time I like at no charge. They host weekly Encounters and Lair Assaults in a dedicated room. They've even kept the store open past closing time so we could finish an especially tense adventure!

If you could just click this link and hit VOTE, it would really help a ton. Thanks!
Voted. Good luck!
Here are the PHB essentia, in my opinion:
  • Three Basic Rules (p 11)
  • Power Types and Usage (p 54)
  • Skills (p178-179)
  • Feats (p 192)
  • Rest and Recovery (p 263)
  • All of Chapter 9 [Combat] (p 264-295)
A player needs to read the sections for building his or her character -- race, class, powers, feats, equipment, etc. But those are PC-specific. The above list is for everyone, regardless of the race or class or build or concept they are playing.

....even if they do pathfinder.......

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....even if they do pathfinder.......

Ha! Yeah, they're pretty much agnostic when it comes to edition (which I think is good for a FLGS) and a few guys doing Pathfinder have recently started up a weekly game there. The guys and gals at this store really are friendly to everyone no matter what your game.  Their main RPG draws are definitely Encounters and Lair Assault. My first experience there was at the Red Box game day a few years ago and they had an awesome turnout. They've been doing a lot more Warmachine lately too but I don't know much about that. They'll basically do whatever people are interested in. They have pretty big Magic tournaments every week too.
I like that spirit, it reminds me a lot of my FLGS.
Seems like you have a good FLGS to game at. Voted!

Come to 4ENCLAVE for a fan based 4th Edition Community.


Voted! Good luck!
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Voted.   Best of luck!
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