Evil PC"S, an exercise in righting interesting characters.

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As a writing exercise I will be attempting to write a adventuring party made up entirely of evil PC's who have a reason, NOT to kill each other.

Aemon Nerathi,(human Male, ardent) 

Step 1: The basics
1) The last surviving member of the Nerathi kings, he plans to restore the Nerathi Empire ushering in a new golden age for teh world.
2) Aemon is the ideal king, raised from birth to be an expert in eveything from politics to war, and with the force of personality needed to get others to follow him
3) Naturally kind, Aemon prefers to solve problems without resorting to violence. He is however, willing to fight when neccessary.
4) A man of thought as much as action, Aemon often spends his time with his nose in a book, expanding his knowlegde base so he can be a better ruler
5) Is often overcome with strong, but fleeting, emotion.

 Step 2: Goals
1) Recreate the Nerathi Empire ushering in a golden age for all
2) Short term, to find all the royal regalia of the Nerathi Empire to lend further credence to his claim

 Step 3: Secrets
1) Bealor is not actually the scion of the Nerathi kings. Born Duncan, a poor boy struggling to survive, Duncan was always intensly jealous of those born into wealth and power, and was determined to raise himself up to their level. At the age of 13 he ran away with a local mercenary band where he learned of his abilities as an ardent. Rising up quickly through the ranks, Duncan proved a natural at tactics and strategy. Eventually he earned enough money to leave the band, faked his death, and recreated himself as Aemon and teaching himself all he would need to know to be the perfect king.
2) Aemon is a sociopath, willing to do whatever is nesscary to achive his goals whole "perfect king" persona was created from whole cloth in order to facilitate his goals.
3) Not everyone was sad to see the Nerathi Empire fall. The Nerathi Empire spread it's borders through conquest as much as diplomacy, and many people still fought to liberate their countries,ultimately hastening the Empire's downfall. The most die hard "freedom fighters" did not settle for just destroying the empire. No those most consumned with revenge met in secret one night after the Empire's fall and swore a pact, to forever hunt down and erase all traces of the Empire, removing it forever from the pages of history. 

Step 4: Friends and Foes
1) John (male, elf)
One of Aemon's oldest friends, and the only one he trusted enough to keep in contact with after he became Aemon, John is the leader of the thieves guild in their old town. With extensive contacts in the criminal underworld, John works with Aemon to help him achieve his dream, both for the promise of future reward as well as true friendship. John is who Aemon goes to whenever he needs to some form of deniability, whether it is the hiring of assasins or the pawning of hot goods. One of their favorite tactics is to hire weak assasins to attack Aemon in order to "stop the rebirth of the Nerathi Empire, in order to establish his credibility as a Nerathi king as well as to show off his martial prowess.
2) The Minstrel
Nobody knows the Minstel's real name, what they do know is that he is good at his job. The Minstrel is a profesional in the realm of public opinion, famed both for his abiltity to sway the hearts and minds of the people, as well as his complete discretion. Taking only one job at a time, the Minstrel works throughout the realms to gain support for whatever his client wishes, be that a person, or an idea. With over a thousand different persona's the Minstrel can be anyone from the the village gossip, to a traveling merchant, to the court bard. Wherever people go to get their information, the Minstrel will be their, spreading rumors and gaining support for his client. Currently under the employ of Aemon, the Minstrel has already written dozens of songs detailing Aemon's heroic accomplishments, either embellished from the truth or made up on the spot, and turned Aemon into a champion of the people.
3) Lanfear (Female, elf, Lich)
The queen of a small elven nation, Lanfear was famed far and wide for her compassion and magical prowess. When the Nerathi Empire sent it's armies to her doorstep she knew that her nation would not be able to resist. Desperate for a way to save her people Lanfear turned to dark and forbidden magics. Hidden deep within her library lay a small black book, no more than a hundred pages. It's very existence hidden from all but a select few, bound within this book weret the darkest magics and most evil rituals that they Fey had ever encountered. Given to Lanfear's ancestor's during the War between the Fey, it was spirited away to the mortal world, to be forever hidden from the drow and anyone else who might use it's dark magics. Lanfear was desperate, however, and attempted to use the knowlegde in the book to save her kingdom. Performing a ritual of ascension, Lanfear tried to harness the necromatic power of a thousand dead souls and transform herself into something more than a god. The ritual failed, and all the souls Lanfear tried to harness exploded out of her instead, killing everything withing in her kingdom, from the mightiest god to the lowliest ant. Only Lanfear survived, mad with grief Lanfear blamed the Empire for "forcing" her to attempt that ritual, and began to seek revenge. Transforming herself into a lich, so she might "ever strike at the hearts of herenemy", Lanfear was one of the founding members of the Censure, and it's current leader. Despite her insanity, Lanfear is still a capable leader, and has led the Censure to the heights of power it currently enjoys. Most of the time projecting an image that she is calm and in control, the mask will sometimes slip when exposed to bad news. At which point she will switch to mad ravings and rants as she promises retribution. She always makes sure to kill anyone who has seen her mask slip, it wouldn't do after all, for the common rabble to see her in such a sorry state.

Step 5: Quirks
1) Always tries to take the lead in whatever situation he is in (will eventually backed off if someone more suitable for the job is present)
2) Tends not to like over long plans, instead prefering to rely on his gut.
3) Seeks out the leader of any given community or group and attempts to impress them. (so if the leader is a religious one, will engage in lively religious debate, if a military leader, will swap stories of their heroic exploits.)

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Cyra Syl'kaz (real name Kiel'ndia Val'Vloz'ress), Drow, Hellpact, Female

Step 1: Central Ideas
1) Kiel is a drow, expelled from her homeland for her magical experiments.
2) Discovered a means by which the raw essense of the abyss can be fused with the soul of a person, this process (called tainting) is what gave Kiel her powers.
3) Slightly insane, Kiel travels the world seeking to increase her knowlegde, and therefore her power. Will still indulge in the occasional experiment, but knows well enough to keep them hidden.
4) Currently traveling with Aemon, who has promised her revenge, as well as free reign to conduct her experiments, once he is king.
5) Traveling under the guise of one Cyra Syl'kaz, Eladrin wizard. Cyra is traveling the world looking for new ways to defeat the Fomorians in battle.

Step 2: Goals
1) Short term, find ways to further augument the tainting process so she can become more powerful. Do anything she can to thwart Drow efforts
2) Long term, destroy the city that cast her out. Currently traveling with Aemon Nerathi, who has promised her his aid.
Step 3: Secrets
1) The tainting process is slowly killing Kiel, if she doesn't find a way to perfect it she will die in 10 yrs.
2) Unknown to Kiel, her younger brother Ildan Val'Vloz'ress survived.

Step 4: Allies and Enemies
1) Aemon Nerathi (Human, Ardent, Male)
The nominal leader of the party, Aemon has promised to use his nation's considerable resources to help Kiel get her revenge. Aemon currently acts as a moderating influence on Kiel, ensuring that she does not conduct her experiments to often, and that she keeps them hidden.
2) Ildan Val'Vloz'ress (Male, Drow, Monk)
Fleeing the destruction of his House, Ildan sought refuge in a nearby Dueger stronghold. In return for political asylum, Ildan promised to serve the Duegar king (Nim the Dour) as his personal assasin for a year and a day. However Nim did not want to let Ildan go; when it was time for Ildan to leave Nim sentH a letter to Diva informing her of Ildan's whereabouts. With a drow deathsquad hot on his heels, Ildan was forced to once more swear his services to Nim. Ildan knows what Nim did, and is quietly working to build up his contacts in preparation for his escape. He is currently looking into the rumor that his sister may have survived...
3)Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen (Drow, Female, Cleric)
The Religous and Temporal leader of Ched Nassad, Diva feared that Tainting would give House Vloz'ress enough power to challenge her own. Planting evidence of Asmodeus worship, Diva then used her position as High Priestess of Lolth to declare House Vloz'ress "Enemies of Lolth". House Vloz'ress was wiped off the map in the span of a day, as the combined might of all the houses in Ched Nassad descended upon it. Only Kiel and Ildan survived. Diva still sends out the occasional hunting party, but she doubts any member of house Val'Vloz'ress survived.

Notes (Val is a tilte, added to clan name of any drow who is considered a noble. So Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen means Diva'ratrika Val(noble) of House Sharen)
Azule (Deva, Female, Monk)

Asterion(Male, Paladin, Minotaur?)

Step 1: The Basics
1) Mastered a strange fighting style which melds blood magic and martial strength do devestating effect. By sacrificing a bit of his own blood Hakar is able to inflict even greater damage on his enemies.
2) A true blood knight, Hakar fights merely for the joy of it.
3) Is constantly searching for a worthy opponent, one who can make his "blood boil"

Sojourner (Warforged Psion)

Step 1: The Basics
1) Created by a psionic college, Sojourner was designed to aid in their study of the sentient mind. Built to be impervious to the disastorous effects of the Planes of Pure Thought, Sojourner was to succeed where countless others had failed. Sent into the far realm to gather valuable research data, Sojourner developed a strong rapport with the creatures there, eventually being gifted vast psionic powers.
2) Sojourner's design was perfect, immune to the effects of the far realm, he was able to transmi untold amount of data back to the college, but the college made one fatal mistake. While Sojourner was shielded from the far realms effects, his creators weren't. As the years passed, the College of the Ordered Mind changed. Driven mad by the knowledge they gained, the College of the Ordered Mind degenerated, eventually renaiming itself the Disciples of Thoon.
3) Uses his powers to call upon his far realm friends in battle. (Shaper psion, everything he conjures is from the far realm. So instead of a rope he uses the tentacle of one of his many friends. No in game benefit.)
4) Lacking any emotions, Scanner sees nothing wrong with traveling with an "evil" party, as long as they keep their behavior from causing any problems.
5) His psionic powers come from a brain embeded in his body.

Step 2: Goals
1) Sojourner still continues his study of the sentient mind. Sojourner is currently looking for a way into the far realms opposite, the Phrenic plan of pure reason.
2) Sojourner would like to someday prove the existence of the Astral Plane, a plane of existence created by, and composed of, the collective unconcious of all sentient creatures.

Step 3: Secrets
1) The brain attached to Sojourner's body is actually the larval stage of a powerful far realm entity
2) If Nyarlathotep every becomes fully grown, his presence will bring the World and the Far Realm into alignment, allowing the fusion of the two. Luckily Nyarlathotep is enjoying himself to much to allow that to happen.

Step 4: Friends and foes
Nyarlathotep ( His real name is unpronouncable, so he goes by Nyarlthotep instead. For some reason he finds this hillarious)
The creature attached to Sojourner's head, Nyarlathotep is an eldritch abomination, destined to destroy the world at the end of his growth cycle. Despite all this his is a jovial fellow, always quick with a joke, even if they don't always make sense. His sense of morality could be best described as blue and orange, in contrast to the more traditional black and white.
Irthicax Vane (Githzerai, Psion, Female)
A powerful and gifted psion, Irthicax was renowned for her daring, and contreversial, work. A firm believer in the Phrenic Planes, Irthicax believed that the secret to getting to the Plane of Ordered Thought, was in the far realm. Gathering together a group of like-minded individuals, Irthicax sought to find a way to survive entering there. Hampered by a lack of information, Irthicax decided to send a specially crafted warforged believing that it would be immune to the far realm's taint. Driven mad by the information Sojourner brought back, Irthicax now seeks to jumpstart Nyarlathotep's growth cycle.
Bandobras Highill (Gnome, Male, Artificer)
Bandobras is a self styled gentlemen adventurer and Planonaut. An amateur scientist, Badobras travels the planes, mainly to sate his own curiosity. (Think of him as one of those wealthy englishmen who traveled the world during the 19th century.) He considers Sojourner a kindred spirit of sorts, and is always willing to lend a hand when they meet, often offering to "upgrade" Sojourner as well.

Step 5: Quirks
1) Speaks in precise, scientific language
2) The back of his skull is made of glass, through which the implanted brain is visible
3) Often talks to himslef ( Is actually talking to Nyarlthotep)
Kiel'ndia Val'vloz'ress? lolz I see wut you did there
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