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From the motherboard today:

This seems like an awesome combination of both EDH and Peasant. I've been toying around with the idea of making a budget EDH, and here it is.

Here is the website for Noble:

Personally, I think the banned list is probably overly long, and I think it may just be better to have a certain cutoff point in sets (like Invasion + or Modern legal only)

Otherwise, awesome format and I encourage people to build decks.

Edit: Just realized the noble doesn't have to be a creature. That makes things even more crazy.
"kind of like commander on a budget"
actually it sounds more like pauper than commander to me, sine its 60 card deckswith 4-ofs
when making a deck for this i think i wouldtakea pauper netdeck then add 4 uncommons and 1 rare, and find something to -4
well actually, the land count can be adjusted in order to takethenoble ito account.
this would shake up pauper quite a bit on 2nd thought, and some new archetypes would come to surface. though i wonder if some existing archetypes would become broken.

in any case i really like this idea. ufortunately there is no way to play it on on mtgo. 

wow this articleis just a list of cool things you cant do on mtgo, isnt it :< 
The ban list is to get rid of combo decks which is stupid. I would throw that away and just play with whatever 
wow, can your noble just be a land? i would just do that then
Battle of Wits and 220 Islands any body?
>reminder to self< Best not to argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience
"like Commander on a budget"
Am I the only one who considers Commander a budget format?

Battle of Wits and 220 Islands any body?

that's a great idea. This could actually be a legitimate deck (not just islands, actual spells/removal too) but by no means too powerful since the battle of wits is easily removed and any aggro deck will outrace it.
Battle of Wits and 220 Islands any body?

Well, that's really silly. Battle of Wits is great in this format because it's a free tutor. Also, seeing the size of your deck your opponent instantly going to know what you're doing. The best for this would be to ramp into five mana by turn 3 and win. Shouldn't be too hard it's just about consistency with all commons essentially. I'll work on a list tomorrow. I think it can be done.