Qasali Pridemage + Sun Titan's trigger

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Just a quick verification here, but can I make the following play:

I have a Qasali Pridemage and Sun Titan on the battlefield.

- Attack with the Sun Titan.
- Let the Exalted trigger and the Sun Titan trigger go on the stack.
- Sacrifice the Pridemage to destroy something of my opponent (in response to the Titan reanimate trigger, but not the exalted trigger).
- Bring the pridemage back with the Sun Titan and still attack with a 7/7 instead of a 6/6.

Thanks in advance.
You choose targets for Sun Titan when the ability goes on the stack. The Pridemage has to be in the graveyard at that time to reanimate it.

So no, you cannot do it. 

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