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The character I'm playing in a current campaign is a Changeling Assassin, by the name of Zod. The campaign is fairly new so all of the characters are still below the paragon levels. It had been established that my character, still hiding the fact that I am a changeling and the fact i'm and assassin, carries around a little black book with him. Since we are starting to use a few more props in our games I was thinking that maybe I would actually keep around a little black book with me while we played and wouold write in it when I said I was. The problem is I'm not sure what to keep in it. I know it should have a few sons because my current disguise is a bard. It should also have a list of targets, some already crossed off. But other than that I'm not sure. I feel like there should be some more, but I can't put my finger on it. You guys have any ideas?
you could keep a journal in it. You write down what happens in a session and whatever.
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Ha, first thing I thought of when I read this was this (skip to 5:00).

So yeah, just fill it with whatever. Doodles, stuff your character has learned, proper names you wouldn't remember otherwise, perhaps a rough map sketch of a dungeon, etc.
4e D&D is not a "Tabletop MMO." It is not Massively Multiplayer, and is usually not played Online. Come up with better descriptions of your complaints, cuz this one means jack ****.
As an assassin how paranoid are you? You might also use it to draw elaborate conspiracy webs, or to right down everytime an ally or npc does something suspicious.
That's a good question actually. Hmm I haven't really established that but I would guess so. My personal mission is to assassinate and destroy the Emperor and his tyranic rule in the neighboring country. So I guess i could roll a few streetwise checks with my DM to see how much I would know about the inner circle of the emperor and make a few webs from that. I am also looking for future assassins to help me with my goal so that could be some stuff in there as well. All of these are some really good ideas.

    First, use it to keep track of adventure details - the names of the people you need to speak to, things that happened, important quests to remember to get around to after your party's done smashing up the tavern in a drunken revelry, etc...
   Secondly, write down good role-playing ideas that come to mind - thoughts on where you want to go with your character, particular facets of their personality you want to explore, even good bits of dialogue that you can bust out at some later point and look all awesome because people thought you just made it up, lol...

    (My ranger Molly Borden is famous for holding a grudge, slightly bloodthirsty and vengeful, and collects trophies from all her "kills". (She's half-feral, basically, and somewhat mentally unbalanced. Her backstory is an extension of the Lizzy Borden incident, stretched out into a six-generation-long family history of madness and murder possibly brought about by a possibly cursed/evil/otherwise-malevolent family heirloom - the magical hatchet (i.e., handaxe) she killed her parents with and still uses in combat)
 I decided that, "in-game", the campaign notes I was keeping (the first point above) were actually detailed drawings and descriptions of every creature and person who'd manage to escape her axe, kept for the purpose of remembering them so she could hunt them down later on...)


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Another use of the book might be to contain maps which detail ideal spots to stage assassinations from, or secret escape routes.

The only problem with keeping such a book is that you would have to make sure that it never left your person at any time.
Another fun idea might be to pick up the ritual caster feat and learn rituals like secret page, or the one that causes the  ink on a piece of paper to appear as different text to those who are not you (Sadly I have forgot the name of this ritual.)
Yeah I have the Mark of Shadow feat which, if I'm remebering correctly allows me to perform and master deception and scrying rituals including secret page. That was going to be one of the first things I get next session. Also I was thinking I would try to et information on the general look of the dungeons before we go in. Though for assassinations I'd probably would have to be impromptu. Though i like these ideas.
Keep track of every slight the other characters do to your character.  Then role play the party tension when the DM is late, distracted, or otherwise unavailable.  It can be a nice way to pass the time and spice up the group.  The fewer offenses the others provide, the more esoteric and ridiculous your complaints should become.  You can take offense when one of the other characters does major damage after you have a couple misses, or kills the guy you were going to kill before your initiative arrives. 
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