Ravenlayne Campaign

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I thought up this campaign a while back and me and my friends currently are adventuring using it. I'm going to unload all the stuff i currently have on it in this thread.


Ravenlayne Tower

Created during the 2nd Age by a mighty wizard working for a tyrant king who was in search of a mechanical army, the Ravenlanye Tower was a marvel of achient engineering.Soon  after it was created the wizard entered never to be seen again. Years passed without information of the tower and its operations until one day when a mighty rumble was heard and legions of mechanicaltroops poured out. The kings armies over powered the mechanical beings with a large cost of 250,000 of his troops and his kingdom in ruin. Angry and revenge seeking the king sent his mighty elitesoldiers who saw nothing but war into the tower. Months passed and finally a lone soldier stumbled out saying "We-,We---Wh-er-ee no-o ma-tc-h." Colapzing and dying on the spot. The king ordered his bestmen to close the tower with any means neccessary. With a combined effort of twenty mages of all types of Magika they sealed the tower in lava. Years turned to centuries with no word on what had happened andthe new moutean eroded into a natural chain of mountians called the Iekalh Mountians. With the empire in ruin the once large providence turned into five seperate kingdoms. Years passed and kings waged wars searching for a way to reunite the empire under their own control. Each indivdual empire sends out countless amounts of adventures every year in search of the tower with unseen riches as the reward.


Ravenlayne Kingdom - Still bloodline connected to the tyrant king this empire is the fragmented remain of the heartland of Ravenlayne. Countless years of civil disrest and other disasters this kingdom has shrunk to 1/6 the size it originally was. Ruled by the fourth generation of the Tyrant King's Kin the Ravenlayne Kingdom has had a long time to repair and is a power in the current struggle for unity. (yellow on map)

The Magma Isle - Broke in half between the the citizens who live there the Magma Isle has two leaders with different perspectives on how they rule. to the north is the smaller sea worthy nation of Agon, while to the south is the Kingdom of Nikald a small densely populated Dwarven Nation. Dwarves use the isle to mine for ores and other raritys scarcly found on the mainland while the other half mainains itself by fishing.

Iekalh - Named After the mountians that cover most of it it is a dwarven settlement that came to power after they found that the world above them had become weak. Springing to the advantage they sent dwarven troops and dwarven craft to conqiure it. Successful they exiled the human survivors to Ravenlayne which caused alot of home issues ravenlayne soil. It is said if this never happened that Ravenlayne might of been able to regroup and re-establish their once mighty and big empire. Currently the dwarves have sealed off the borders and most the empire is underground except the ghost towns and the old captitol which sit in ruin.

Valyrk - The Elven nation to the East is a hilly and forrest nation. Thick brush and hidden cities populate the providence. ---- To be added--

Canfoshem - The lower eastern nation Canfoshem is a kindom of mixed races, dwarves, Elves, humans and much more live there. It is one of the most culturaly diverse kingdoms with any race being able to hold a title and currently has one of the most powerful armies with stratagies and techiques that other kingdoms wouldn't have unless they were a mix. Although it is a swampy nation and home to Kabolds, lizardfolk and much more.

Ishire - The human colony to the south of the mighty dwarven kingdom is a small seafaring nation with the captiol lying on the edge near the sea that splits the majority of the four nations apart. Traidng mostly what the other empires have and making a cut of the profit they have no natural ecconomy but one that relies on the other kingdoms.

----------------- Rest To be Added----------------



Geographical - Darker is Higher Up
Capitols, Roads & Cities [Square = Town] [Pentagon= Captiol]

Comments, suggestions, gramatical fixes. all accepted.

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A few months ago a guy came to me who wanted to make copper miniatures. I said it wouldn't work. But it did and they look cool, pm for pictures. Live in the United States?