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So I read through whole the Garden of Graves... How many players would this be "perfect" for?
Our characters are lvl 11-12 and the adventure is designed for lvls 10. I don't see a problem playing with 11-12 level, what bothers me is the "DC 16" for "always" trained skills like Arcane or Spot... Isn't it too easy even for 10 level character? Should I make some change around the DC to make it a bit more appropriate? I think almost every DC in the book will be like "meh, no need to roll or gotta roll 3"...

And one more: What about the other part of the adventure? It's for levels 14, so... should I lower the DCs or lower the monsters or so? (Haven't read it yet)

Thanks & sorry if inappropriate section
By your mention of "Spot" and "Arcane" as trained skills, you might not be playing 4e. Look for "Previous Editions General" further down.
At level 11-12, four characters would be considered most appropriate, but since the episode effectively spans the 10-11 range, it shouldn't be a problem to do it with five.

IIRC, it's still using the old DCs. 13/18/26 would replace the 12/16/23 values using the current tables.

That said, the skill challenge encounters are... problematic. In the case of the chapter 1 games room, I'd strongly suggest chucking the existing skill challenge and making it a direct skill test.

Instead, each of the five tables has a specific type of game (decide on it in advance). The character can use any appropriate skill (if it seems relevant to the type of game, go with it), but only makes a single skill check. Meeting the hard DC is a triumphant win (and the character gets to keep the game pieces), meeting the medium DC is a modest win (but the game pieces corrode and become worthless), meeting the easy DC is a draw (and the player has to play again), and not meeting any DC is a loss (and the player loses a healing surge and has to play again).

It's more important to play up the illusionary casino aspect of this encounter, really - make it a roleplaying encounter rather than a 'challenging' one. You can then use it to drop hints about other things too.

As for the second chapter, the adventure assumes that some time (and other adventures) elapse between each of the four episodes rather than them being run back-to-back. If you do run them back-to-back then the best thing to do (regardless of whether you'd normally contemplate such) is to simply level the characters up to whatever the episode's entry level normally is. (10, 14, 19, and 22, respectively).
So this is 4e then? Well, what do I know...
By your mention of "Spot" and "Arcane" as trained skills, you might not be playing 4e. Look for "Previous Editions General" further down.

Well I just call them that way, cause I'm used to it. Now it's called Perception and Arcana.

Alright, thx for the answer Neutronium_Dragon. I'll read through the chapter eventually and see how it fits the adventure.
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