Playtest DnDNext in Eberron (are there online campaigns?)

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Eberron is my favorite setting by far, and I would love it to be fully supported in the next iteration of D&D. I would love to playtest 5E in Eberron, buy I moved to Spain, a country different from my own and have been unable to play. I would like to know if anyone is playing or plans to playtest in Eberron in an online form and how it has turned to be concerning suitability for Eberron, if changes should be made in light of the campaign setting, and if new players can join the aforementioned online playtests. Thanks!
I would gladly join such a campaign too... Me and a friend are currently running a playtesting campaign set in Innistrad (a gothic horror setting). Take a look and feel free to join ;) 

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You could try at start a game over at the real adventurer's group here on the Wizards forums. Otherwise I know that over at Myth-weavers there are some ongoing test games of DnD Next, no Eberron once as of yet but that could change.
I am actually going to be running one tomorrow but its not online. Its at a game store here in Jacksonville.
I am thinking about doing this with my home group. Any suggestions on implementing Eberron into Next would be great. Also, so would any feedback on how you chose/would choose to do things would be appreciated.

My first thoughts would be how to handle races and dragonmarks. I have a vague idea of what I might do, but specifics would be handy. 
Well, seeing as how we're supposed to be testing what we're given for 5e right now, I would think you'd want to stick to the stuff they have as opposed to making up new stuff.  Sure, it means limited races, limited classes, no dragonmarks, etc, but we're still in an early alpha here.  If everybody is playing WF paladins and shifter druids, then the devs aren't exactly going to be getting any decent feedback from us.
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