Plot building for hybrid system

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Hey all,

I am currently undertaking a fairly massive DM project, that is unlike anything I've done before...

It's a bit overwhelming a times, but so far it's been successful.  

The whole thing is going to rely on the story and the challenges being top notch though, so I am really hoping to get some great advice here, as I always have in the past.

This campaign is basically using the Reincarnate spell from the druid spell list, to form a special kind of immortality from the party.

It still costs them a level to reincarnate, so it's not too different from the standard raise dead, or rolling a new character a level behind the main party,

however they will have random race and stats, same class, probably same gender (don't want to piss anyone off too much)

My players were all told this before launch, but not the plot reasons behind the effect, as I want that to be a large overarching plot hook.

The current reincarnation rules are:

  • You must go through all the race options before choosing the same race twice.  

  • Your abilities need to be at least 2 points different from your previous reincarnation, before racial adjustments.

So far no one has died, so it hasn't been a massive issue.  

The plot so far is that:

The party has washed up on the shore of an island.  The shore watchman found them, and asked about their ship, etc.

Everyone had slightly different memories of the event, and with some high spellcraft checks, one person was able to identify that they were under the effects of some kind of magical memory effect.

They learned about the local crops and trade of the island some, and saw soldiers from Albion (a nation in my homebrew world that they have all played other campaigns in) conscripting islanders for their expansion.

Sort of let the players see the "other side" of Albion, from the outside, this time.  They are gathering up supplies to explore the island and harvest materials to trade for some sort of passage off the island.

That's where we had to stop for one session, because we started late...had two players who still needed to roll up characters.

I plan on them to find a lot of interesting animal life on the island, and the creatures are going to be driven towards the town, due to something.

The next adventure, I want there to be some sort of necromancer/ undead type of threat that will have been teh cause of the animals going crazy.  

Then the plan is to have said necromancer/ low level BBEG be linked to the parties unknown immortality.

the plan is very loose right now, but something along the lines of

  • An order of people seeking immortality, either openly evil like necromancers, or just very greedy and powerful, and willing to work with open evil to acheive their goals

  • a ritual going awry, and the party having all been exposed at the right distance, to be affected the same way.  

  • They will be found / hunted by said group, once they are discovered.

  • mid level will continue to learn the limitations and cost of said immortality, and it might have a  limit of reincarnations...maybe 7 or so, before real death (not set in stone yet)

So I am hoping to tie in low level problems like supplying themselves, avoiding conscription, and dealing with insane animals to tie into introducing the larger plot.

Also, I am hoping this whole thing to be fairly episodic, as far as different locations every 2 weeks, with the overall plot touching down at first just a little bit, but more and more as I trust the players to show up.

The really big unique thing about this campaign is that I have built it all using the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset, and added in a standard dice roller and some expanded class packs for the players.  

So we still have the full roleplay/ skillcheck abilities, plus all the combat math is handled automatically through the game engine.  I've built a lot of custom items to emulate Pnp rules, such as a rest stone, that restores 1 hp per level when used, instead of NWN2 standard full party heal, etc.

It is a lot more work than I first thought, but overall it's been more successful than I ever planned.  I can build encounters to drop on the party before hand, and spring them with a mouse click, do silent skill roles, spawn and control NPCs, etc... 

all in all, I have a lot of hope for it, once I fine-tune the line between pnp rules, and letting the game handle things automatically.