The Poetry Grandmaster - The Portfolio of The Greatest Poet To Ever Live!

Hey all, this is my poetry portfolio, and you can't argue that it's only an opinion that I am the greatest poet to ever live, as I know it's just an opinion, something you can't prove, nor disprove. Innocent

Anyway, here goes my first two poems. I will update this thread with new poems, and feel free to add comments or suggestions! I don't care how harsh, just say something! Yell

First Entry:

Quick Ending by Joseph D. Smith

You say that the world will end in fire,
I say the situation will be even more dire.
This quality you most despise,
I know your ultimate demise.

When the world ends,
You will have the bends;
Not by water,
But by mud,
The world shall turn to quicksand.

You will have no place to run,
But rather you will see your bitter end.
Do you fight or swim?
Do you have the right to decide?
Only God will know,
You will be killed with a sinking suicide!

Second Entry:

The World Would Be Dead by Joseph D. Smith

"I told you the world would be dead..."
Famous last words of a psycho-killer...
The world as we know it is dead in the near future,
We see things from the perspective of a thriller,
Only to find this world is torture...

The Killer was set to be executed,
But before he died, he announced his dread,
That the world would end...
Soon after, he was muted,
Dead and executed...

In the year 2012, a few years after his death,
His prediction came true,
The world had one last breath.
The rule of the earth, the one rule;
Kill or be killed...

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