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Awesome. So, I just lost a game I should have won. He declared so many attackers that I was unable to block due to the stupid timer running out. It takes multiple clicks some times for the game to register and the timer doesn't stop! Unbelievable! It's absurd that you could lose to such a stupid thing.

A while ago I took some of my most effective cards out, like the tutors and such. They are an incredible tool but are simply a useless card when the timer doesn't give you the time you need to rifle through 60+ cards. Searching for green creatures through their sac outlet or demonic tutors, some of the most powerful spells in this game are neutered because of an arbitrary timer.

I believe the solution lies in the game registering if you are choosing. It should know if you are dragging your finger along your deck and making a selection. If nothing is registering, then fine, kick in the timer and lock me out because I'm taking time away from my opponent who is probably winning. But if I'm searching through my deck and looking for a critical answer that would easily win me the game, then GIVE ME A FREAKING MINUTE TO FIND THAT CARD!!!!

Whew. Rant over, thanks for listening...

Next week ill get to why I couldn't join the tournament because game center sucks, but one broken mechanic at a time, right! ;)
To be honest, I don't think the timer is an issue for spells other than Nightmare Incursion. It should be alotted time based on the number of cards to be exiled (seconds = swamps*5 perhaps?).

Declaring blockers should get a similar function, e.g., seconds = attackers*5.

Tutoring and other search effects have plenty of time though, so I really don't feel bad for the people who get timed out.
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The iPad interface is especially slow at searching large decks and sending in multiple attackers, which sounds like what the OP is using.
Yep, the iPad can be frustrating. I've actually dropped Nightmare Incursion from my deck, simply because I never had enough time to pull all the cards allotted to me. I could get up to five or six, but if I had a dozen swamps and I wanted to be strategic with what I pull (as opposed to snatching the first 12 I come across), it would always time out before I was ready.

Earlier today, I had an opponent play the card on me. I guess he was looking for specific things, 'cause it ended up pulling nothing before time ran out.
Sorry, yes, I play on the iPad. The timer on the iPad needs to recognize that the player is still searching.
it would be nice if you can choose in advance whether to look at lands or nonlands. That would cut down on the time spent searching.
it would be nice if you can choose in advance whether to look at lands or nonlands. That would cut down on the time spent searching.

That is a good idea, it could be two rows, one of land and one of cards, or just a land of each colour above the line of non-land cards. Although, in most cases you should have a good idea of what you want before you bribery/demonic tutor. With the exception of casting twin cast on demonic tutor, not much chance of thinking what you want before casting.
I've been burned trying to pick a card with Diabolical Tutor more times than I can count and a couple times selecting blockers - both on the iPad.
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