Dungeon Command boxes not easily compatible with D&D, WHY?

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I really like having the prepainted plastic minis for my game. It would have been so easy to make these products a little more easy for D&D games, and not just the board games.

So my question is why make the Dungeon Command boxes with dungeon tiles that I can't use with the dungeon tiles for my D&D game? How hard would it have been to put an extra couple of centemeters of cardboard aroung the tiles in the box, punch it off to have a edge that clicks in with the board game, leave it on to use with dungeon tiles.

Or better yet, WHY OH WHY, were the board game tiles made so you can't use them with dungeon tiles, other than to frustrate people who have already bought dungeon tiles?

Why don't the cards for the minis at least include a monster name that we can look up in the Adventure Tools? Guess what there is no D&D monster called an "earth guardian" or a "Dragon Knight."

It would have been so easy to include these things so I feel like I am getting the full value out of my purchase. Now I feel like I buy them I am just buying the minis to throw the rest of the box away. 
the Earth Guardian can be any earth elemental.  The Dragon Knight can be any knight in shiny armor (though it looks more eladrin to me than anything).  They use specific names for the skirmish game, but the minis can be used for any number of things in the RPG.

As for the tiles, they only started doing it with the Adventure system board games.  They're not quite as versatile as the standard Dungeon Tiles.  You can still use them, though.  And, if you have the afore-mentioned board games, you can make some pretty extensive dungeon complexes with them. 
Though I don't recommend it, you can cut off the little connector sections at the edge of each tile.  A way I do reccommend is to simply use the DC tiles as a base and apply tiles above it to customize to your liking.

Just as thewok said, there does exist Earth Elemental creatures.  If you are not happy with those, try making your own.  The Adventure Tools for DDI Subscribers is PERFECT for that.  If you want any ideas, I'll try to submit something later.
I find that compared to the previus D&D minis, this outing is of the most allround usefull. It's a good game in it self. The dungeon tiles as pointed out are compatible with the tiles from the boardgames. And this can create quite the exstensive dungeons. No they are not compitable with the old tiles, but they still work great.

The old sets had random monsters and trying to build up anything usable for a "normal" dungeons and dragons game was hopeless. There was almost no standard mooks. And trying to get your hands on them was even worse... So now that I can think to myself, hey I think I'll send them up against the drow. And then I can buy the drow pack and actually get tomostly what I need. And compared to most other miniatures lines, the price pr miniature (not adding the tiles and cards) is in the low end, at least here in Norway.

Also there is invested time and resources to make each box compatible with the boardgames.
Of course, it would have been nice to have them even another bunch of cards that lets us use them in standard DnD, but then again they are working on DnD next. And it seems a bit shortsighted to create something that is compatible with 4th now and then sudenly having to change it later.
FYI, the "Earth Guardian" is simply a repaint of the "Earth Archon Rumbler" (stats in Monster Manual 2).


As for the "Dragon Knight", it's the "Purple Dragon Knight", from the Forgotten Realms setting (in the 4th Edition, you can find player stats in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide).

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