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So, at grand prix columbus I had the unfortunate event of having my UW Midrange/venser standard deck stolen with the side board, custom made tokens, dice, and all  I've been trying to get back into magic but I just can't really invest back in.  It doesn't help that the current standard meta blows.  So, I figured I'd throw a shout out asking to see if anyone would be looking to give a helping hand.  Would anyone be willing to give me a sweet deal on some standard stuff to work with?  It'd be greatly appreciated and would make my decision to stay in the magic community a whole lot easier.
Personally I'd wait till october and save up resources for the changeover. Make a cheap, fun, deck if need be but anything competitive I'd wait on. It would save money since we have no idea what the meta will shift to and trying to buy into standard again right now would be pretty horrible. One thing I would try and buy/trade are the enemy tap lands out of Innistrad. Since the guilds will use all 10 different color combinations your sure to get some kind of value from them later on depending on what color combination suits you. Might try and get thragtusk, resto, or snaps as well but thats all I could say that might stay up in dollarage.

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I would have just looked in the trashcans at GP Columbus.  I mean, who is going to want to KEEP a venser deck?

yup... that's why I beat ALLL of the delver decks on a consistant basis.  silly conformist, net decks are for kids ;)
got no advice, sorry

but i feel for ya.  i had my legacy deck taken... duals... fetches... forces....$%^& 

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I was more or less looking for anyone one here at distributer status :P  a good deal from them and they could still be making money... and a customer.  But yeah, Gideon is better on paper.  Venser is better once you open your mind.  In order for Venser to be good you need to have a deck where dropping him always opens up a play.  Also, he does 3 things... people only seem to think of one of them (the bouncing)  They forget he is also a win condition of his own AND the most often overlooked thing is his -1.  I've had so many games where people have sat there for 5 minutes trying to decide how they're going to attack, especially when we both have lethal on board  They're trying to think how I might block, attack in response, what I might play, and I just block to keep myself alive and then play Venser, say -1 and win.
So basically you're trying to get people to give you steeply discounted cards?

Better than asking for free stuff


So basically you're trying to get people to give you steeply discounted cards?

Yes?  I am.  God damn, you're the worst kind of character in magic.  But yes, being someone who has had gotten 7 or 8 other people into magic each giving them probably 50ish dollars worth of cards so they could start having fun with a decent deck and having had my competetive standard deck that I've tweaked over the last year and a half stolen, I am asking if someone who own a lot of stock or a card store, someone who is playing magic for free and making money doing it, if they'd give me a throwout.  A playset of snapcasters for 50 bucks would be ****ing awesome.  I'm not begging for anything.  I'm simply asking if someone wants to make some money, but a little less, and help out someone who has helped out others.  Karma.  Word.
I'm going to try and take catowner's side, but gentler.

What happened to you sucks man, but nobody likes a charity case.
I feel for you, I really do; in fact, I've had money cards stolen from me before.
All I can tell you is turn to your friends who play magic, asking strangers for steep discounts just makes everyone uncomfortable, and that's not cool.  
And that "a set of snapcasters for $50" comment is kinda inflammatory, telling people what you want as a handout is just... Also not cool.
I don't know you man, but I'm confidant you're a decent and sensible guy, and as such, I believe you're above this.
Oh oh I want a bonfire. Thats not even 50$ now I dont think. Totally legit handout to random internet folk.
I'm confidant

Exactly. I get cards, but I have to pay life to get them.
Bonfire is 50... at least at the 2 store I've played at recently it is..

But seriously though I don't know why everyone is giving this guy a bunch of crap so you don't agree with the way he is asking for cards... well maybe someone right now is looking to sell their collection and get out of magic... if you don't like what someone posts you don't have to keep the thread going and the trolls at large you could oh idk let it go maybe?
Not that its going to work.... but I get what your saying. I don't agree with posting and asking for handouts either but its not my place 2 tell someone they can't post something on the internet.
Also at the OP shouldn't those people you got into magic be helping you out since your in a situation and similar to what they were in at the beginning
I lost my favorite cardbook at an event earlier this year, and almost quit playing. But in the end I just collect now the same way I did before, accumulate over time.
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