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Currently running a mono-black deck based around fast discard and using exalted creatures to attack, but the exalted part of it feels weak.  Here's the deck as it currently stands:

Creatures (21):
3x Duty-Bound Dead
3x Knight of Infamy
3x Servant of Nefarox
4x Ravenous Rats
4x Vampire Nighthawk
4x Tormented Soul

Spells (15):
4x Murder
4x Duress
4x Mind Rot
3x Crippling Blight

Artifacts (3):
3x Ring of Xathrid

Lands (21):
19x Swamp
2x Cathedral of War

As you might have noticed, it's all M13 core right now.  Now that we've played for a while, my group is willing to add in cards from other sets.  I'm thinking of dropping exalted altogether and switching to pure unblockable creatures.  Here's what I'm planning to do:

-3x Duty-Bound Dead
-3x Knight of Infamy
-3x Servant of Nefarox
-3x Ring of Xathrid
-3x Crippling Blight
-2x Cathedral of War
-8x Swamp

+4x Inkfathom Infiltrator
+4x Ghastlord of Fugue
+4x Harbor Bandit
+4x Appetite for Brains
+4x Drowned Catacomb
+5x Island
Are there any other black/blue combo lands?  Also, is Harbor Bandit worth it or is there another unblockable black or blue creature?  Any other decent discard sorceries or instants I should be looking at?

You may like Creeping Tar Pit

Hypnotic Specter and Hymn to Tourach are some classic discard spells.
Nice, I do like it indeed!

How about this setup now:

Creatures (20):

4x Ravenous Rats
4x Tormented Soul
3x Inkfathom Infiltrator
3x Inkfathom Witch
3x Ghastlord of Fugue
3x Hypnotic Specter

Spells (19):
4x Murder
4x Duress
3x Mind Rot
4x Hymn to Tourach
4x Appetite for Brains

Lands (21):
4x Creeping Tar Pit
4x Jwar Isle Refuge
13x Swamp     
It is expensive but I guess I can recommend Thoughtseize. In place of Duress and/or Appetite.

And you're playing the colors that allow you to use my favorite card, Shadowmage Infiltrator.  Give it a shot.

What would you recommend I drop for Shadowmage?
What would you recommend I drop for Shadowmage?

Well that is up to you.

But I can say that Tormented Soul is pretty mediocre without equipment or something to buff it.  I guess it combos with the Witch but her ability is pretty expensive.


You think 21 lands is enough? 
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