SF Bay Area 4e Special Events!

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If you are a fan of 4e and if you are anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area and if you are free Labor Day Weekend, then I  have something very cool to share with you: www.celesticon.com

We are running the 4e Tomb of Horrors - its the legendary Gary Gygax slaughterfest tooled up for 4e, and its brilliant and brutal. That is going to be a special 6 hour event on two nights. We are also running the Free RPG Day adventure "Dead in the Eye" which is a wonderful "boss fight" against a mutant beholder. Easily one of my favorite 4e adventures. We are using the Waayback Machine to run "Into the Shadowhaunt" which is the 2008 Worldwide D&D Game Day event where a bunch of 1st level characters face off against a silver dragon on a snowy mountain ruin. That's a superfun battle. Of course, the con is also hosting dozens of more RPG events.