CELESTICON 2012 - Special RPGA events - Northern California

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Fremont Marriott
August 31-September 3, 2012

Welcome to CelestiCon 2012!

This year our RPGA team is led by Michael Rizzo, Iron GM extraordinaire and former Regional Grand Poobah for RPGA. Joining him is Robert Lionheart, award winning RPG designer and nightmarish DM devoted to spilling blood and devouring souls!

We have four special Dungeons & Dragons 4e RPGA events planned for your enjoyment. Instead of running current mods, we thought it would be fun to break out some unusual goodies you may have missed. Join us for Tomb of Horrors (for 4e!), Dead in the Eye, Journey Through the Silver Caves and Into the Shadowhaunt!

Special Guests include Richard Borg (AD&D) and Frank Chadwick (Space 1899). The con will also have a Live Dungeon and a Steampunk Dance LARP!