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2. Hundred Acres (Dead Town)

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Er... It's spelled "Selesnya."
Why do we need so many of these

L1 Judge

because Zokorad
proud member of the 2011 community team
Come on, there are ~dozens~ of Selenysia cards, and we're supposed to speculate about so many different cards in one single thread?

Someone please create threads for:

* Selenysio creature cards
* Selonysia instant cards
* Selonesya sorcery cards
* Selanosyo enchantments
* Selenysia one-mana creatures
* Selonesio uncommon instants
* Salenysia cards featuring the populate mechanic
* Salenosya cards with artwork from Terese Nielsen 
* Salonesyo cards that will definitely ruin "Magic" forever
* Salenosia cards that YMTC people already came up with 

... ... ...

No, seriously!  Zokorad's five threads might be not such a bad idea..

As for this thread right here, I'm expecting creatures that replace themselves with creature tokens when leaving play, as though the creatures were enchanted with something like Elephant Guide + Griffin Guide..
You mean like Doomed Traveler and Thragtusk?
[c]Khalni Hydra[c/] or creatures like it to reward having a lot of creatures.
maybe: Trample, tap a creature ~ gets +2/+2
This is to fill the hole that convoke left.
the Selesnya keyword is already known: Populate (creates a copy of a token)
proud member of the 2011 community team
If you're going to make a thread about a topic, please at least post some content.

Oh it's Zokorad...
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