Magic The Gathering Competition

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Hello Everyone!

Well the season has officially started thanks to my counterpart Moo opening the ladder on Friday and though we are starting off small we are hoping to have a few more join the ladder soon. Everything of value must start somewhere right

This is a free to play ladder, you incur no costs what so ever, so we are still hoping you will join us too. Simply register with cybergamer by following the link below.

After that simply click and create your team on the ladder on the following link, all you need enter is your team name and add a logo if you wish and your good to challenge

Now although we are an Australian based ladder we have a few Americans who have joined also, please check the rules section link below, we have added a time zone difference so maybe you should check to make sure the time zone difference wont impact your sleep to much haha

If you have any questions pertaining to the ladder please feel free to ask and i will help you out to the best of my ability.

And above all else we would like to send a thanks out to Wizards Of The Coast for the Online MTG game format and hours of fun it has given us.

We are proud and elated to bring this ladder to you all so the only thing i can say is

Enjoy all!

Magic: The Gathering Admin TeamMoo - Necro