Is DOTP a viable game?

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The iPad version has just made it to 100,000 players. Seems good but that isn't a lot of money in the grand scheme of things really is it?. How many players do the other formats have signed up does anyone know?
Is this considered a successful franchise for WOTC? Must be a tiny fraction of its annual income really. I get so much enjoyment from this game I want it to be successful in its own right, not just be a gateway to the more expensive versions of MtG. Is it profitable enough to continue bringing out new versions?

It is becoming more viable each year. Wizards actually realized the importance of their digital business and decided to put some effort into their Duels franchise.

The decks of 2013 was a step in the right direction, as well as the selection of cards. It should do okay unless they go "duels of the aggrowalkers 2012" and and stop making thought-out decks that dont play themselves out. 

Following is a very, very, very sad excerpt from one of their articles yesterday. Thinking back on all of our complaints in the past for Duels 2010 and 2012, it makes you chuckle in disbelief:

"When I first got here, the entire Duels team was made up of (a) interns or (b) people who could spare time from other projects. Fortunately, a lot of the people working on Duels were extremely committed to the project (in addition to being extremely talented in general), and our awesome partners over at Stainless Games really went the extra mile to make Duels extraordinary. So, despite being put together by a kind of skeleton crew, the game really managed to take off. We realized, though, that it was probably not the best idea to piece together a team for one of our most important projects out of whoever's calendar happened to have the most white space on it. Instead, we created an entirely new wing of the department: Magic Digital."

I don't have the numbers, but based on my experience I think it'd be really smart for them to continue to grow Duels into a full-fledged online experience (maybe or maybe not replacing Magic Online depending on the differences). So many game companies are successful off low barriers to entry combined with microtransactions, which fits perfectly with the CCG model. Maybe the days of $3.99 booster packs would be over, but even at $1.99 for 15 random cards, there'd be people who buy hundreds of packs who wouldn't have bought any otherwise (my speculation). And it saves on printing costs.

One of the big values of the game is I can play it anytime with people who aren't in the same location as me. It's also a lot faster to play games because the rules and shuffling are all automated, and it's easy to test decks against the AI or random opponents. A lot of people will like the game but not play paper Magic because none of their friends play, or it's too inconvenient, etc. So I think Wizards would be smart to capitalize on the revenue potential with this game, as rather than just an entry to the "real" game", it could coexist while tapping a larger market (pun intended).
Unfortunately Pixillate, this is unlikely to happen because Wizards already has MTGO which is established and makes a large amount of money for them already.  They've already stated on multiple occasions that Dotp will never be more than an entry level product.  I certainly hope it changes though because I prefer to play Magic on Dotp.
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There must be an intermediate solution here for WOTC. For this current version I play on the iPad but I used to use the Xbox one where there were also around 100,000 players so lets assume the numbers are about the same on each platform. Like many others who have posted on here previously I am never going to play MtG again in the paper format (old, married, isolated...). I don't like MTGO and now use a Mac ( I know about Bootcamp and the new UI coming to MTGO but that is unlikely to lure me back). I would gladly pay the cost of DOTP every few weeks to keep the game fresh though and whilst I'm sure the majority of players won't necessarily be up for that, many would be I would have thought. That is a reasonable number of players who have already bought into the concept yet they starve us for new content. 
Come on Wizards. You've got me hooked again - now take my money!  
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