So i had some questions about possesion and character development

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I was looking over the artifacts and concordance (im basing this off of 4e as they are the only books ive had ready acess to), would it be possible to treat a possession as an artifact... hopefully that makes sense

I have an idea for a thri-kreen avenger in service to vecna (toying with the idea of brainwashing) who kills a prisoner and becomes possessed by the angry spirit who helps him snap out of whatever hes got going mentally.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how it would work and had any ideas on how to make it smoother without breaking anything
Is this something that is assumed to have taken place before the character enters play?

You probably don't need to use concordance for this, since it's essentially a roleplaying element attached to the character, rather than one that has a mechanical effect. You don't need a number to assess for yourself, "How does the spirit feel?"
well i was kind of hoping that if i tied some sort of number to it i could also gain some sort of bonuses or hinderances depending on how i played it.
I think it depends on the relationship between the your char and the spirit. You basically have to create a secondary background for the spirit itself. If your character is acting in ways opposing the alignment of this spirit then take a -1 on whatever action your character is taking due to the spirit trying to interfere.

On the other hand if the spirit is approves of whatever action your character is attempting add +1 to your roll

Since your possessed maybe a weakness to radiant damage?

Take a look at the Kalashtar for inspiritation and maybe steal a few racial traits/powers related to dual spirit stuff.



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Taking some feats/themes can help with that.

Demon Slave/Spawn themes can work with that.

Playing a Tiefling character, and exchanging his Infernal Wrath racial for Diabolic Soul, and gain a Diabolic transformation once a day.

Even if in RP your char is a Human, the Tiefling race is there for mechanical purpose, and gives you lots of feats options to go with the Devil/Possesed theme you seek.
So long as your group is okay with this- there's nothing worse than having a worshipper of Vecna in a party where they kill undead or want party cohesion. Also personality swapping might get a bit rocky for the group. This is coming from someone who probably should not have attached the Arm of Vecna
Well in our group the priestess as devlopped a second personnality a bit like the chick in DB, where she sneeze and change from cute and gentle and a bit dumb to violent, cunning and bitchy.

So yeah whenever there is violent emotions/actions, half exposed secrets and mysteries, the DM asks the player to throw a d100, and when she turns her radiant dmgs becomes Necrotic and she only want to heal if there is something to gain out off it.

She is also obssesed with secrets and uncovering the secrets of the members of the group is a hobby for her, Oh! and she pray to Vecna...

The Dm and the player agreed to give her a 3rd personality... a personality a bit like the depresive robot from HGTG...
Why not role up two completely seperate characters and use whichever set of stats is prevalent at the time...
that actually make a lot of sense and would open the characters to a lot more story wise i think. Mebbe if you did it that way the character would change class and gain different powers and such?
that actually make a lot of sense and would open the characters to a lot more story wise i think. Mebbe if you did it that way the character would change class and gain different powers and such?

Yeah, you'll REALLY want to clear that with a DM first. You're essentially giving yourself twice the stats and powers as everyone else, and making healing surges and hitpoints a real pain in the butt.
Yeah the "double character sheet-character" while looking great, can be bothersome and strainous.

While its true that their exists circumstances that makes a persons play 2 characters at a time(to replace an absent player etc), it is 2 completly different characters.

Here the trick is that its a character with a "Dual Personnality", while there might be things that you can talk over to your DM, it would be difficulte to keep track of everything.

Now i said difficult, not impossible.

Another to do it, is by playing a Hybrid character, where each Hybrid classes will represents a part of the character.

For example if you go Ranger/Fighter-Warlock, the First one is what your Character was at first before possession, and the Warlock part is the Deamon Powers manifesting.

Now for Rp purpose, makes your Character sometimes talk to himself, and at sometimes make a different voice for when its the Deamon speaking.
i had kinda figured if you rolled two character sheets up and used them for the same character (with the blessings of the dm of course) and as they were one body it would use up the same number of healing surges and the dailies as one and only a certain amount of encounter powers allowed. I'm thinking the change would be fascilitated by saving throws or the like?
Sounds like a workable idea. Fix yourself to one character's hit points, surges, and AC, this would presumably be the host character. Then alternate NADs based on the then-surfaced personality.

Limit yourself to one encounter/daily use per character level (ie. you can only use 1 level 3 encounter power per encounter and only 1 level 5 daily per day). I suggest writing all your attacks out on graph paper as "class a level 3 encounter/class b level 3 encounter", such as "rain of blows/color spray" and check it off if it has been used.

I would only use the dominant personality's attacks during an encounter, as otherwise there could be feelings of advantage. If you did transition during combat, consider a penalty, such as being dazed from confusion.

Items could be an issue for you if your classes do not mesh well, such as armor proficiency, weapons and implements specific to powers and classes, and other specifics. However, imposing a penalty may solve this, like no proficiency bonus on a weapon, being slowed in armor, chance of failure by rolling 2d20's and taking the lower, etc...

I think it sounds fun, if a little confusing.
there would definately have to be some serious penalties to balance the whole thing out for sure, i wonder if there would be issues if the main was a paladin and the alt was an infernal pact warlock
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