The Keep on 16th and Valencia - Spiderkiller #3 (of 4)

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The Keep on 16th and Valencia 
Spiderkiller #3 (of 4)

by Jason Thompson

The players in "St. Cuthbert’s D&D Encounters for Troubled Youth" youth group have returned, now to try their hand at D&D Lair Assault. In this series, we check on their first experiences with Spiderkiller.

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I am not enjoying this series. I thought I would, but it seems to be a bad-Dm, whiny-player series of loosely conjoined anecdotes without the funny that such a set-up could produce.
Here are the PHB essentia, in my opinion:
  • Three Basic Rules (p 11)
  • Power Types and Usage (p 54)
  • Skills (p178-179)
  • Feats (p 192)
  • Rest and Recovery (p 263)
  • All of Chapter 9 [Combat] (p 264-295)
A player needs to read the sections for building his or her character -- race, class, powers, feats, equipment, etc. But those are PC-specific. The above list is for everyone, regardless of the race or class or build or concept they are playing.
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