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Good evening, fellow players

My fav color combo is green+white, and since i like elves, here's the deck i came up with...
But before that, don't be confused, when you see a 75-card deck, instead of the traditional 60-card one. To me, the 75 is more flexible and interesting to play, than 60. I do only local tours (where there's no one against you having a larger deck) and casual play with friends, so let's not discuss cutting the deck to 60, ok?

So, here we go:

Creatures (26):

2   Elvish Harbinger (mana+tutor)
2   Imperious Perfect  (buffer+token maker)
2   Jagged-Scar Archers (anti-flyer)
1   Immaculate Magistrate (buffer)
2   Lys Alana Huntmaster  (token maker)
4   Skyshroud Ranger (another land per turn)
3   Llanowar Elves (mana guy)
2   Drove of Elves (control-hate)
2   Elvish Archdruid (buffer+mana guy)
2   Joraga Warcaller (super-buffer)
2   Ezuri, Renegade Leader (finisher+reanimator)
2   Elvish Champion (buffer+finisher, goes with prismatic omen)

Other Spells (19):

2   Elvish Promenade (token maker)
2   Curse of Exhaustion (control-hate)
2   Lightning Greaves (just in case...)
2   Doubling Season (doubles all tokens and counters :3)
1   Sudden Disappearance (finisher)
2   Privileged Position (super shield)
4   Idyllic Tutor
2   Oblivion Ring (remover)
2   Prismatic Omen (on the opponent)

Lands (30):

14   Forest
8   Plains
4   Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
4   Sunpetal Grove

Sideboard (...):

1   Naturalize
1   Revoke Existence
2   Celestial Purge
1   Exclusion Ritual (good for exiling and not letting to play another one)
2   Tormod's Crypt (against any grave deck)
2   Autumn's Veil (control-hate)

I have thought about adding:
rhys the redeemed (his abils are pretty good, but pricy IMO)
wellwisher (life gain)
copperhorn scout (for moar mana, but unsure if i really need it)
genesis wave
green sun's zenith
and maybe gavony township

Guess that's all. What do you guys think?
Take it to the Casual section.  This section is only for tournament quality decks.  And unless you cut it to 60 cards (and start over completely), it's no where near tournament quality.
Take it to the Casual section.  This section is only for tournament quality decks.  And unless you cut it to 60 cards (and start over completely), it's no where near tournament quality.

Thats a little harsh, since when was it ever officially stated that a "tournament quality deck" has to be 60 cards? It is utterly presumptuous.
It's not harsh, it's just stone hard facts and mathematical backing.  Every extra card you add to the deck, you decrease the odds of drawing the card(s) you need.  The difference between a 75 card deck and a 60 card deck is drawing your critical 4-ofs rougly 5.33% of the time instead of 6.67% of the time.  While it seems like a small amount, you have to look at the consistency over a longer time frame.  Let's say that you play in a 9 round, Top 8 tournament (the usual length of a Open), and you average 2.5 games per match (you go to game 3 50% of the time).  Over the course of the tournament, you play 30 games.  Further assume you see 20 cards each game, meaning you draw 13 cards over the course of a game via the normal draw step or card draw spells (which is extremely high outside of Legacy and some control decks).  A 60 card deck means you are around 80% to see a 4-of or you see a 4-of 24 times throughout the tournament.  A 75 card deck means you are around 70% to see a 4-of, or you see it only 21 times over the course of the tournament.  Considering that you put 4 copies of that card in your deck means that the card is critical to your game plan, you've just given away 10% of your games because you've hurt your odds of drawing your best cards.  That's just fine in a casual setting, but if you want to win a tournament, you're going to have to count on your play skills to make up the difference.  And unless you are Luis Scott-Vargas or Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa going to a local FNM, you're not going to be able to do that.

That said, sometimes a tournament quality deck will run 61 cards, but it's extremely rare and the extra card was found to improve the land-spell ratio over the course of tons of testing.  Even then, it's most likely incorrect and the "worst" card should be cut.
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