New player event deck vs deck made from scratch?

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Looking to go to my first FNM next week and should I invest in a event deck? Or should I just try out my mono black aggro deck? Are event decks worth the money? Do they play well?
Event decks are the absolute best way to spend money on a cohesive new deck for yourself, if you're going in blind. Is your black aggro deck any good?
Depends on how much faith you have in your deck building skills. Post a deck list and maybe we can help you out?


Out of the two M13 event decks, I would recommend going with Repeat Performance, which at least concentrates on cards from m13. Sweet Revenge is a Burning Vengence deck, and it just doesn't hold up well at all.

And yes, list your deck.
I'm new to MTG but this is my mono black deck, suggestions?

Creatures -
3x Tormented Soul
2x Knight of Infamy
4x Bloodhunter Bat
3x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Giant Scorpion
3x Duty-Bound Dead
2x Veilborn Ghoul
3x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

Arifacts, Enchanments, Instants, Sorcery

2x Dark Favor
3x Mark of the Vampire
2x Disentomb
2x Tormod's Crypt
3x Murder
2x Blood Reckoning

24x Swamps
And I don't mind spending money :P
Yeah, get Repeat Performance. It will probably do much better than your mono-black deck.

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Repeat performance is a great deck.  I really like the zombie one from avacyn as well.
Next thing you will tell me Browbeat is bad.
Repeat is the green m13 one right? That deck is pretty baller. I bought one for my friend to use because I wanted the cards and he needed something to play. We tweaked it and it ended up going 3-2.

Sidenote, thragtusk is too good. Jam 4 of him in there if you can get them.
I think best way is to take the event deck, and ask your more experienced friend if he has any nice  rares to loan you in his binder..
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Play the Event Deck. I've used them a couple of times when I was "absent minded", and they worked OK. 

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:P If money isn't an issue post-rotation ask Niche if you're deadset on playing mono-, he usually has something sweet cooking.
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