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Hello, I'm looking to start or join a D&D (or any RPG) games group in Ashford or Canterbury (Kent). I am not fussy about what we play, but I have a couple of simple adventures to hand.
im in the same boat as you, cant seem to find much around in canterbury. how is your search going?
Hello all
I'm a Canterbury based GM looking for players interested in playing a postapocalyptic RPG. Now I hasten to add that this is not a walking dead/Strontium Dogs/Fallout style RPG but something else. This is a world including mutated talking bipedal animals, a world with robots who have survived the apocalypse, mutants, rayguns and a tech level somewhere around the early 1800s. Ancient rayguns and new steamships, radioactive zones and blunderbuss wielding stoats kind of thing.
If this sounds at all interesting let me know. If not I could at a pinch be persuaded to run a Pathfinder campaign instead. Smile
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