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Ok, here's what i'm trying to do. I want to create characters who's stats match our actual gaming group, i.e. playing ourselves. Has anyone done this? is there  way of translating real world intelligence, strength, etc, to gaming stats? 

STR and INT are probably the easiest.  I believe the book lists carry capacity by STR.  I tend to give a point of INT per 10 points of I.Q., so that an average I.Q. of 100 is a 10 INT.

From there, you pretty much have to use your best judgement.  When our group did this in another game, we agreed to go by group consensus.  But that only works if you can trust your group won't abuse that authority.
When it comes to INT I used to believe you could just take your composite ACT score (you did take the ACT didn't you?) and divide it by two to get your INT.  With a top score of 36 equating your your INT 18 and the general average being around 22 which translates to INT 11 (remember, this is a college entrance exam) it should be pretty accurate.  I'll also say that just like with point buy stats it sure takes (or at least took) a lot more to move up at the top where missing just a couple questions ruined your chance at a 36.

There are various ways to determine how physical stats could match up but I'll just say that they aren't always consistent.  That's to say that a couple different tests for STR or CON used on the same person could produce wildly differing results.
This gets done all the time . Skills are tough, how many langauges do they speak? Two or more langauges mean a high Int ?

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

This gets done all the time . Skills are tough, how many langauges do they speak? Two or more langauges mean a high Int ?

Skills are tough and it can even be tougher depending on which d20 system you're building for.

When it comes to languages more don't necessarily mean a higher INT.  IIRC most of the d20 games have mechanisms for learning additional languages that go beyond raw INT. 
For skills you could do something like 1 rank per 5 years of experience in something, like a craft. Add a rank per level of education in fields. Like if you took shop class in high school, or biology, chemistry, you get 1 rank in the related skill. For a trade school or college level education for such fields, add another rank or 2. University add another. For trades, the more certification in an area, add another rank.
So someone who went to school for chemistry, get 1 rank for high school, 1 for college, or 2 for university. got a job where you really play with chemicals and been there for about 5 years, that's another rank.

If someone did a lot of track and field in school, or sports outside of school, maybe give them endurance feat. Sports or activities that require a lot of balance or movement around obstacles, give 1 rank to Balance and such.
If someone was in Air, Army, Sea Cadets, could give a rank in Knowledge: Military, Knowledge: Tactics, Survival. Someone who was in Girl Guides or Boy Scouts could get a rank or two in Survival and similar skills.

A lot of GM call and I'd say also consensus amongst  the group. 
They are all lvl 1 ordinaries, page 270.
Our group has done this on occasion for s***s and giggles.

We have been friends for a time, so we could be pretty honest about our opinions and we came up with some 'honor system' rules to gauge our stats by...

STR - how much can you bench press? You think your stronger than me? Arm-wrestle you for it.

INT - graduated from college? Top 1% of your class? Mensa? nice.. What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of pi? Don't ask me!

WIS - dude! You don't have an exceptional wisdom. I saw you snort nutmeg yesterday after spending your rent money on a stripper because she said "she really likes you"

DEX - can you tie a knot? cool. let's go play darts.

CON - hold your breath. let's ask your wife about that stamina thing. dude, wake up, that wasn't a tom collins, that was a shirley temple.

CH - ok.. see that girl? Go get her phone number, Mister all 18s! That's what I thought.
A rogue with a bowl of slop can be a controller. WIZARD PC: Can I substitute Celestial Roc Guano for my fireball spells? DM: Awesome. Yes. When in doubt, take action.... that's generally the best course. Even Sun Tsu knew that, and he didn't have internets.
There are online tests to see what your stats are as a D&D characters. Take the test and use the stats for the six basic ability attributes.

Intelligence is your IQ divided by 10. You can take on online IQ test to get your IQ (most are innacurate and give a wildly high IQ) or use your SAT score. Charts exist online for converting the SAT to IQ.

Strength is carry capacity or how much you can bench press. Charts exist online to measure this.

Con is roughly equal to Strength
Id taser your group...

STR - I can lift a Motorcycle onto a flatbed truck with one hand...if the front wheel is already there.

INT - a circle with a radius of pi? that circle could have any damn circumference it likes...string theory invalidates religion and evolution. That one discovery scored me a 214 (so like Int 21.4).

WIS - I'm to damn trusting...Id say Wis 10

DEX - I love darts, I suck at knife throwing and my eyesight went at 20 just after I was taught to put a bullet through an eye at half a mile.

CON - dont drink, dont smoke, dont do drugs, dont have sex, and have an incredible immune system - probably die of boredom at 42. 

CH - If your self worth doesnt need a woman to cuddle for support then you get an 18 cha.

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