Fighter - Fighting Style Question (Please answer ASAP!!!)

I need help with the figher class.  I'm DM'ing a game coming up this Saturday and one of my players is creating a character right now.  He wants to know about the Fighting Styles.

In the packet Fighting Styles read as such:
Level 1 Fighting Style
Benefit: Choose a fighting style.  Four options are provided here: duelist, protector, sharpshooter, and slayer.  At specific levels, your chosen style gives you new combat maneuvers that you have mastered.

The Chart however says that at Level 3 you gain a new Fighting Style and at Level 5 you gain a new fighting style.

So we are confused.  At level 1 he obviously picks a fighting style.  At level 3 and 5 does he get a new fighting style or does he just take the combat maneuver for that level in the fighting style that he chose?

I need an answer on this ASAP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm sorry if this has been posted as another thread somewhere but I need an answer quick and since the search function doesn't let me searched based on the forum I'm in, I really can't find anything on it except for people stating the confusion that I'm having with no answer.

Please help!!! 
Post below me are correct,im not sure where I got my misinformed information.

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Hmm i read it the other way, at odd levels you get new uses from your chosen style but you don't get other styles.
Dragon 82 is wrong. The chart is referring to progression within the style; so at 3rd level, you get one more maneuver, at 5th you get another, etc.

Or for a little more fighter fun: consider giving him all three of his style's moves at 1st level, and then let him choose a maneuver himself at 3rd and 5th.
Or for a little more fighter fun: consider giving him all three of his style's moves at 1st level, and then let him choose a maneuver himself at 3rd and 5th.

And I thought the Human was over powered....

I like options, but that's just as bad as gaining a new Fighting Style at 3rd and 5th.

Anyway, my initial opinion was that you get your fighting style at creation and then at 3rd and 5th you gain your maneuvers within that fighting style that you chose at creation.
The way it's written, it works like this: At 1st level you get a total of three manuvers: Deadly Strike and Parry (default for all fighters), plus one from your fighting style. So at 1st level, for example, a Protector would have Deadly Strike, Parry, and Protect. At 3rd level, he'd gain Push as per his style, and at 5th he'd gain Knockdown. At 5th level, he'd have five manuvers.

I think the alternate I proposed isn't too different. Essentially, the Protector would start the game with Deadly Strike, Parry, Protect, Push, and Knockdown; and then at 3rd & 5th he'd be free to choose one from the list -- say, Shift at 3rd and Glancing Blow at 5th. Since what he can do in a round is limited by his Expertise dice, all this is doing is opening up options -- specifically, two additional manuvers by 5th level for a total of seven. It's not OP at all.
The problem with that writeratlarge is that if the intent was for you to simply select one at level then there would be no reason to have the fighting styles at all. You would simply have a list of all abilities and choose ones you like at will. The way they are written there is a progression that someone who studies shield defense gradually learns more shield techniques over time.

In my games I treat them(and specialties as well) as prerequisites that can be mix n matched over time. For example at level 1 you can take rank 1 duelist, then at 3 take rank 2 duelist. At level 5 though let's say you don't like the rank 3 ability, you could then switch to a slayer style but you'd be limited to starting that at the base rank 1 and would need to level up more before you would be able to access its rank 2 n 3 abilities. 
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