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So I'm trying to find a group that doesnt smoke pot or do drugs of any form during their sessions. I do not drink and really don't care for it. This is just the first thing I want to lay down because its a make or break for some people's groups. If this isn't a problem for your group and you don't partake in anything I might have issues with wonderful. 

That aside I am an avid gamer and really do enjoy making my character and playing him or her to the best of my ability. I really do take it as an acting role, becoming the character to the best of my ability while a session is going. Of course out of character conversations happen but I tend to try my hardest to stay on track. I do not follow the Player is always right logic. In fact I am WELL aware of the actuallity of how a game should be run, wherein the DM is GOD, Judge and Jury or what ever else you wish to put into words. THEY run their game and WRITE the laws for that world. 

I have played in everything from Middle Earth Rolepalying, to White Wolf's Demon the Fallen, from Palladium to Marvel Universe. And of Course I have played lightly in Dungeons and Dragons, explicitly in the 3e-3.5e era. I dislike 4th edition but found Pathfinder to be a good middle point if I can't find a 3.5 group. I have played in Greyhawk, Several Homebrew Games, even in the World Of Warcraft Campaign Setting. I have dabbled in Forgotten Realms and Eberron more for self study and am slowly working on a few campaign ideas of my own. 

If you are intrigued and would like to add a player to your group I would love to join.  
Hey,  Anomaly.  I live in Eugene and am interested in starting a D&D 3.5 group. I have been a DM for many years and am interested in starting a Greyhawk campaign. Tuesday and Thursday are the only Day/Nights that I can do it however. Hit me back at (name is Justin, hope to hear from you)
Hey we all should meet up sometime! I am in Springfield, OR and I currently am running a 4e campaign and have some solid experience with 3.5 and other RPGs. Let me know!
me, my brother and my GF are currently looking for a group to play with, 3.5 preferably. me and my brother have been playing this game for a while now and are quite familiar with the rules and whatnot, my gf is new but i'll coach her through it. all we really need is a DM so if anyone is interested in adding two regular players and one off and on player (my GF works a bit although her schedule should slow down a little soon) send me a messege. we have characters already (level1) so if you need to know about them ask and i'll tell ya more infor there. we all live near the walmart here in west eugene and two of us go to LCC. my email is i check that from my phone all the time so if you email that i'll responde to you quicker then sending me a messege on this.

If you're looking for a gaming group, a really good resource I've been using to find other gamers is Coincidentally, I also run a meetup group for board/card/tabletop/rpg gamers to find each other and schedule events. It's available at and you're welcome to join it and use it to find other gamers and schedule gaming sessions. I hope this helps support the gaming community!

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