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So I am working on a Campaign setting but have a relative Hording of ideas. Recently a good friend pointed out I need to figure out the cosmos/creation myth for my campaign before I start considering scope and scale. I keep reading the various creation myths I can get my hands on but every time I start out I feel well, A little epically lost. I've been a player more than a DM or Writer for a campaign. I am not thoroughly impressed with 4th edition and thus stick to 3.5. Though I may end up writing my campaign for Pathfinder which I have enjoyed.

So far I have a Yin and Yang creation myth idea where two Elder Deities came into existance at the same time as "youthful" gods and "Grew up" or matured together. One male, one female. They molded the planes, the universe and its solar systems. Somewhere the Planar Deities came into this and began making different planets, a sort of traveling family exploring their Elder's universe, rich in primodial mists and essences. My main planet where the core of the campaign will be occuring, the Planar Gods (The deities ruling over the various Elemental Planes) worked together on and is one of the newer planets throughout the game. 

Additionally I am having trouble creating a Divine/Angelic realm, Dark/Demonic/Devillish realm or where to place them in the greater planar scope of things and how the planes will be aligned around my core planet for the campaign, or how each planet interconnects to the planes, or which planes have a stronger presence on which planet.

These are the majority of my problems in writing this. I have so many minor details I want to play with but feel like my friend is right and i should go from Macro down to Micro details.  
What you need to do is write down a LIST OF A HUNDRED IDEAS and then separate them into categories:

Category 1: World (this might include the reach of gods, a crude world map, and things the PCs will not know untill they are really powerful and all knowing).

Category 2: Local Campaign Area (the stuff that will allow you to start the game).

The Citadel Megadungeon: http://yellowdingosappendix.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/the-citadel-mega-dungeon-now-with-room.html
Sounds like a good starting point from a cosmology standpoint.  Now you need to start to work your world into timelines, into continents.  You could have competiting deities at work in different continents, ready for the day that they are allowed to go after the others and subjugate them under one's will.  

I guess it comes down to the nature of the world.  Are there going to be standard races, magic, monsters in it?  Was there some ancient empire that was at one time all encompassing but is no more? Is there some sort of unifying faction at work (ala, Rome) spreading it's will to all people? 

That sort of thing.   
  For the two realms, try using Plane of Shadow and Ethereal Plane as gateways to the upper and lower planes. You could use the outer planes as models for Angelic/Demonic realms. It would also make for some good progressional encounters along the way.

   Hope this helps.
Thanks for the ideas. I will consider what I think I can use. 
Thanks for the ideas. I will consider what I think I can use. 

The important thing is to start with the parts of the world the players will actually interact with. No use spending a ton of time on maps of the shadow world unless the players are going to travel there soon. g'luck
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